Things You Didn’t Know About Pandas in Minecraft

This guide will find out 12 things you didn’t know about pandas in Minecraft. 

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    Sneeze Panda

    A sneeze from a baby panda makes nearby pandas jump.

    Baby Pandas

    Baby pandas are special; they can produce an item that you don’t expect from them. Every time a baby panda sneezes, there is a chance to drop a slime ball. 


    Pandas are notoriously hard to breed in real life. Though it’s easier here, it’s not as easy as other mobs. There must be at least eight blocks of bamboo nearby. To be exact, eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius. Otherwise, pandas won’t enter proper love mode. When pandas can’t breed, they even grunt in a special way. 


    There are seven types of pandas in the game. 

    This is the regular one, it frowns a little. It’s boring, so let’s move on.

    It is the “weak” panda type. It’s easy to recognize by the snot hanging out of its nose. This one is more interesting, as it has some special properties. 

    Here in the middle, there’s a regular and a weak panda. Regular pandas have 20 health points 10 hearts of health. 

    Those sound effects make me feel kind of bad.  

    However, this weak panda only has ten health points, five hearts! 

    Weak baby pandas also sneeze more often than others.  

    Then there is the aggressive panda. While most pandas are passive, the aggressive panda is not; it’s what’s called neutral. That means it’ll get hostile after you attack it. They also become hostile if they attack nearby pandas, like wolves and pigmen. 

    Brown Panda

    The brown panda type is just like the regular panda, but brown. It does not have any special behavior but is somewhat rare. 

    Worried Pandas

    The worried pandas are quite special as well. They have the same eyes as the tamed wolf; they will avoid players and most hostile mobs. On top of that, they don’t eat bamboo on their own. During thunderstorms, worried pandas get frightened. 

    They hold their legs in front of their eyes, returning to normal when the thunderstorm stops. For some reason, despite being hostile, the worried pandas don’t care about ghasts, magma cubes, shulkers, phantoms, slimes, and the ender dragon. 

    This one even seems to be throwing a party here. Adult pandas will drop 0-2 bamboo when killed. 

    Lazy Panda

    You can recognize the lazy panda by its smile. It’s slower than the regular panda, and it is the slowest walking land-mob. It also has a cute animation where it lays on its back. 

    Playful Panda

    The playful panda is probably the best panda type. The pink is its tongue sticking out of its mouth. Playful pandas have the coolest animation in the game; they do this clumsy-looking flip. 

    Playful pandas won’t avoid water and cliffs; it means they get into a few more accidents. The rolling behavior is especially dangerous when up high; they can die during these flips! It happens!   

    Eat Cake

    In addition to bamboo, pandas will also eat cake. Drop it on the ground nearby. 

    Panda Sound

    The panda sounds are authentic, and the sound team went to China to record them. Mojang released a small video about how it went. Mojang values the Minecraft players in China. When they are eating, and they want some food from us. Like bamboo shoots or apples, if they are trying to get those – they’ll stick to you and make this sound. A sound like that.

    Minecraft China has been well-received by gamers, and giant pandas are China’s national treasure. Adding pandas to the game will add some familiarity for Chinese gamers; they’ll be able to explore different cultures.

    Type Decide

    A panda’s type is decided in a very interesting way. Each panda has a “mainGene” and a “HiddenGene”; it simulates real-life dominant and recessive genes. It means other traits will overpower some traits, and the genes of weak-panda and brown-panda are recessive. 

    If this doesn’t make sense, lookup’ dominance in genetics’. It directly affects human traits like eye color. 

    Panda Bonding

    Villagers have some bond with pandas. Attacking a panda nearby will make them angry. If there’s an iron golem, it’ll start attacking you! Maybe because pandas are an endangered species? The aggressive panda has another texture! It was far scarier with red eyes! Reminds me of an angry wolf! 

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