Things You Didn’t Know About Servos In The Sims 4

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Servos In The Sims 4

In this guide, you’ll find about servos and more specifically eight things you likely didn’t know about them in The Sims 4. 

Number 1

Starting with a quick one being that servos cannot eat or drink at all. It’s not just that they don’t have to, it’s that they literally can’t. With the options to eat or drink being grayed out.

It’s worth mentioning that they also can’t apply face masks and they also can’t have relics from the jungle adventure game pack activated on them.

Number 2

Now the deaths that servos are immune to. Firstly, if you have seasons, then the temperature is not a problem for them and they won’t freeze or overheat. They also don’t age meaning no death from old age and no hunger need means no death from starvation because they can’t eat food or drink. They’ll also never pass away after eating a bad serving of puffer fish nigiri or from drinking Beetlejuice too many times.

Not even a fire will kill a servo and on top of this, servos cannot be killed from emotional deaths. Whether it’s that they’re so playful that they’re hysterical or so embarrassed that they’re mortified or so angry that they’re enraged. They won’t collapse and die.

Number 3

The third thing you likely didn’t know about servos is that they don’t have ghosts. That’s right if you do manage to kill off your robotic friend, then they won’t be calling you up to hit the clubs five minutes after in ghost form. You will thankfully at least have a robotically themed grave to remember them.

Number 4

But if a servo is electrocuted, its charge will be completely restored and it is a great little boost for your low-battery robot.

Number 5

If you thought servers couldn’t get pregnant then you were wrong, well kind of. While it’s true that a servo can’t try for a baby but if you have the get-to-work expansion pack, then a male servo sim can get pregnant from alien abductions.

They will be delivering an alien baby and everyone will be rather confused.

Even more confused by the fact that their stomach doesn’t grow during pregnancy, like where is that baby growing? 

Number 6

The sixth thing you likely didn’t know is that servos cannot be bitten by vampires.

And that when a werewolf tries to smel,l them they will have no smell at all. 

Number 7

Number seven is a little bit more gameplay focused and it’s that servos can be a great bodyguard option for famous sims. It is made possible through the sim defense matrix behavior module.

Installing this module will require either your servo or another sim to have level 9 of the robotic skill. When active, it will see your server come to your sims defense when needed.

It also unlocks the zap ability which will see your servo give us him a huge jolt of electricity before they run away.

You can also order your servo to fight other sims too if you feel like getting a bit hands-on.

Number 8

Finally, the eighth thing that you likely didn’t know about servos is that servos can change their traits at any time.

There are a few traits that are unavailable to them. Notably, servos cannot be squeamish. Further to this, the child of the islands and the child of the sea traits from the island living expansion packs are off limits as are many food-related traits such as foodie gluten and vegetarian.

It makes sense seeing as your servos can’t eat or drink.

Bonus tip

A bonus tip that has helped quite a lot with gameplay and it’s all about getting mechanisms and computer chips that are used to create robots also when upgrading or enhancing them.

They take quite a long time to craft because they’re an item that can’t be put in the world. They are also difficult to transfer between sims despite gifting being an option.

On top of this, the mechanisms and computer chips don’t appear in the buy mode even after you enable the ‘bb. show hidden objects’ cheat but there is a solution if you want more of these instantly.

You can use the ‘’bb. show hidden objects’’ cheat to buy ready-made robots and place them on your workstation. Then you can have whoever you want to gain the computer chips and mechanisms. Dismantle these robots from this interaction you’ll get a bunch of computer chips and mechanisms as well as other parts delivered straight to your sims inventory instantly.

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