Things You Didn’t Know About the Horse

This guide will provide you with 10 things you didn’t know about the horse in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents

    Cow Tipper

    Killing a horse and picking up its leather will give you the cow tipper achievement. 


    You can ride a horse upside down. It does look a bit silly, though. 

    Hate Carrots

    You can feed horses with many different food items. But for some reason, they hate carrots. Golden carrots are yummy, though.

    Love Mode

    Contrary to popular belief, feeding horses won’t cause them to breed. Horses will only enter “love mode” when given any of the golden food items. 


    You can spawn undead types of horses using commands. They seem made for the skeleton and the zombie. They have unique sounds and drops.  


    Riding a horse while invisible will make you appear as if you are the horse. It is a cool way to prank or confuse your friends on a server. 

    Moving Boat

    Putting a horse on a lead will make it follow you, even in fast-moving boats. It is also the case when riding minecarts, even at high speeds. 

    Horse Saddle

    Previously, you required a horse saddle to control the horses.  This saddle was craftable.

    Mo Creatures

    The horse model is taken from Minecraft’s “Mo’ Creatures” mod. Dr. Zhark, the mod creator, is mentioned in the end-game credits. 


    Mules won’t spawn naturally in the Minecraft universe. The only way to get a mule is to breed a horse and a donkey which makes sense. Hmm, that looks like a regular foal.  

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