Things You Didn’t Know About the Shulker – Minecraft

This guide will find out four things that you didn’t know about the Shulker in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents


    The name “Shulker” is short for “Shell Lurker”. Even peaceful shulkers will attack you and deal damage. It might be a bug that the developers will fix in the future, but it could also be intended?


    You can destroy the projectiles of the shulker in the same way you would deflect a fireball from a ghast. If you choose to ignore the projectiles, killing the shulker is a lot of trouble, as it’s hard to get near. Shulkers have a chance of teleporting once attacked.


    Shulkers will also teleport if you try pushing them into another block using a piston.


    Arrows shot at a closed shulker will bounce off. Because of this, you may end up hurting yourself with your won arrows.

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