Things You Didn’t Know About the Silverfish – Minecraft

In this guide, you will find out five things you didn’t know about the Silverfish in Minecraft.

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    Idle silverfish will disappear into the different stone blocks. By doing so, they turn the block into a monster egg block. When they disappear, they do it in a puff of white smoke; and when a nearby silverfish is hurt, the block will turn into a silverfish.


    When silverfish were released, they had the sound of a spider. The developers add the silverfish sound not long after.


    If a silverfish is killed in one hit, it won’t trigger nearby monster eggs.


    In beta, silverfish had 20 health points instead of 8. It has made them substantially more annoying to deal.


    Silverfish are so small they will suffocate in soul sand. The slight sinking happens when standing on soul and is enough to cover a big part of the silverfish.

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