Things you didn’t know about TNT in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 13 things you didn’t know about TNT in Minecraft.

Have you ever thought about what ‘TNT’ means? 

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    Real Name

    It’s a shortening of the explosive compound. Its real name is “Trinitrotoluene’. “TNT’ is a bit easier to remember.


    This block has been in the game for a very long time. It comes into the game before alpha, infidel, and indev versions.


    This period was called ‘classic’. It can be traced way back to the survival test, 2009. In this version, acquiring TNT was so easy; you didn’t even have to. When you start the game, you will already have 10 TNT blocks. The only place you could find TNT was your inventory.


    Nowadays, TNT is hiding in all sorts of places around you; it naturally generates in world structures. As you probably already know, there is a trap in the desert pyramid. And the trap is made out of 9 TNT blocks.

    In A Secret Room

    The next location is more of an unknown: the secret room in the woodland mansion. Two TNT blocks flank a trapped chest. It is another trap, don’t let it fool you.

    In A Shipwrecks

    Another place where you can find TNT is in shipwrecks. They contain chests with a small chance of containing TNT. The chance is quite small; it is only 9.5%. You can also find TNT in 63% of buried treasure chests.

    Early Versions

    In early versions, activating TNT was different. It didn’t require anything, you could just hit TNT, and it would activate. At that time, the explosion particles didn’t even exist. You could also defuse TNT that was about to explode by hitting it again. The texture is squished, and the block is blinking. However, it turns back to normal when you pick it up.

    Defuse TNT

    There is still a way to defuse TNT before exploding. But dropping an anvil into the TNT stops it from destroying the surroundings. Sadly, you can’t pick the TNT up afterward.

    Ways to Activate TNT

    Now you can activate TNT in many different ways. Prepare for lots of explosions.

    Flint and Steel

    One of the most common ways is with flint and steel. However, it doesn’t work if you are sneaking.

    Instead, it lights the block on fire, which will likely result in TNT going off.

    Using Redstone

    You can also use Redstone, of course. A cool way of using it is to make a cannon.

    Flaming Arrows

    For some of the lesser-known ways, shooting TNT with flaming arrows can also activate it.

    If you don’t have flamed arrows, there is another way. You can shoot regular arrows through lava.

    By Dispenser

    The dispenser adds more ways of activating TNT. Being lit by flint and steel or being lit by a fire charge.

    The fire charge can also hit TNT from a distance. The TNT blocks being fired from a dispenser itself are activated.

    Minecraft TNT Explosion

    Minecraft TNT doesn’t explode instantly. And there’s a reason for that, TNT has a built-in fuse time. TNT’s time before exploding is 4 Seconds long, or 80 game ticks. You can also change the fuse time through a command block. The longest possible fuse time is 32767 ticks. That’s a fuse time that’s over 28 minutes long.

    Measure Fuse Time

    There is another way to measure the fuse time. TNT can fall just about 77 blocks before exploding.

    Explosion TNT by Arrow

    TNT does a pretty neat thing to arrows when it explodes. It redirects them. You can also use it to create the arrow cannon. These arrows will create a beautiful explosion.

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