This Is Why Traveler Is Sss+ Tier – Genshin Impact Traveler Guide

This guide will let you know why the Traveler is in SSS+ tiers. It will provide you with all the skills, abilities, and attacks of Traveller.

Let’s start with the advantages.

The main materials used for ascending the character’s cap level get rewarded once you reach the required AR, so it’s way easier to keep up with the World Level. All Stella Fortunas for this character is gifted throughout finishing quotes and leveling. Except for one that is purchasable at the Souvenir shop for cheap.

Mixing out the constellation would barely take any effort like other 5* characters where you need over 6 years /$2700 to spend just for 7 copies of the same type. You can activate the Anemo element effect if you have another Anemo character in your party for faster looting.

Iron Sting sword matches perfectly with this character and it’s available at the Blacksmith.

The main material for the sword you can get here for a 1 time-limited purchase, more can be obtained from bosses, domains, etc.

Ores are easily obtained on the map or by sending your characters for Dispatch.

The overall DMG buff goes on effect by the Palm’s first few sucking hits. 4 more swords to cap at 12% x2 and you would have a decent sword that will last almost forever.

Raising Elemental Mastery is very effective over boosting your skills’ damage.

248 Elemental Mastery makes up to double your damage output when causing Swirl.

Elemental absorption makes it very common to inflict all the monsters around and deal Swirl damage.

Guest Surge, the storm is the best at taking down hordes other than bosses.

A good side benefits if you don’t use a greatsword character.

The Geo type also gets some of his Stella Fortunas rewarded and it’s more on the defensive side.

4 Fortunas can be purchased right away at the other Souvenir Shop.

Using Geo skills on elemental monsters causes them to drop elemental shield particles and does Crystalize.

It works pretty well for a shield and later does explosive damage when the 2nd Fortuna is activated.

Elemental particles can be a great defense.

Starfell Sword skill can also be used to help climb your way to the top making everything pretty much climbable.

Great for breaking down hard materials when no great sword holder is at the party.

Required materials for the sword’s upgrade can be obtained from the boss Geovishop and the rest on Domain of Forgery.

Loot is specified for each day of the week.

Overall, it’s more of a neutral character that works well on most conditions when included in a team despite having early stat benefits on top of others.

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