Tips and Tricks for Nerfed Ling in Mobile Legends

This guide will provide you with some tips and tricks for Nerfed Ling in Mobile Legends. These tips will help you to proceed further into the game. 

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    When Ling is on the wall, he restores two lightness points per second and 5 lightness points every basic attack to an enemy, minions, and jungle monsters.


    First Skill

    The first skill of Ling allows him to jump on a wall and move freely from one wall to another. Each time you upgrade his first skill, crit damage will be increased by 5%.

    Tips & Tricks (How To Cast It Faster)

    Before Ling lands on the wall, make sure to aim your first skill on another wall and release it at the exact time that Longlands.

    Without a buff, you won’t be able to spam your 1st skill. Blue buffs are really important.

    Second Skill

    If Ling is on the wall, you can use your second skill twice. 

    If one of your enemies is alone, you will need to use the second skill at that point.  

    If your target is more than one, you will need to master this.

    Tips And Tricks

    You always have to remember while casting your ultimate that the 4 blades will land here.

    In case you didn’t know, you could use the second skill before the ultimate before you land.

    Make sure you cast your second skill this way.

    Not here, because your second skill won’t reach the blade.

    You can see the difference in the following images. 

    Wrong :


    Build, Spell, And Emblem

    You can use the assassin emblem; make sure to max out the boost for the fast rotation.

    Also, the penetration will help you deal more damage. 

    For the talent emblem, you can use “killing spree”. 

    Lastly, “retribution ” is recommended for all of the assassin heroes.

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