Tips and Tricks to Master Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks to master the Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator. Go through the guide and follow all the steps to become a master. 

Speed Simulator

First, you will need to go to the Sonic Speed Simulator game homepage, click on a team and then tap on to join the group. After that, join back into the game, and you will find the ring chests all over the map. You can’t unlock them unless you’re part of the group, and you can come back every six hours and claim them. Now you will find one more on your right side at the start of the map. So you will need to jump up straight to get free 2000 rings before starting the game.

Jump Dash

You have to be moving at much the speed of smell, so you want to have something that allows you to move as fast as possible, called the jump dash. You need to double jump when you move through these rings to move as fast as possible. 

Green Hill Obby Rings

Go to your first avi, which is the green hill. You need to make sure to be level five to complete it. Once you complete it, you need to be very careful. You’re not going to jump through these, and it requires you to do it. Still, at the very end of these hobbies, you get a free 500 coins, and then you have to leave the obby. Go on the right side, follow your path down over this bridge, and find green hill lobby two. You need to be on level 15 to complete it. Now you need to run down and follow the path there. And at the end of hobby 2, you will get another 3000 rings.

Run Efficient Route 

First, you will need to find a speed that can be easy for you and run it, so you don’t miss any diamonds or rings. Everyone’s got their favorite, but this is the one which has the most amount of concentrated rings and the quickest amount of diamonds. When you first start the game, you have to run straight; you will find the bridge there, so you need to go there and find another little loop there. Follow it down the way and take your next left. 

After that, go up the loop-de-loop there, and all these diamonds will be here, make sure you don’t miss them. The next thing you want to do is go through and grab these little experience rings; they’re all over the map. You have to hit this one and go back through this loop when you first start. You will need to dash through the ring; then, you must jump through it and hit it strongly. Go back over to the bridge, and there you will find it at the very beginning of the bridge, so you need to grab them and get rewards in the game. 

Unlock Characters

Now you need to unlock all characters in the game like tails, sonic, and knuckles.

While playing the game, you need to jump on the grind rail to unlock sonic. After that, make your way to the lost valley obvi and find the robot on the right side, so there you have to jump up and go to your left where you will find a little spot. You have to jump over and then unlock tails pleasant.

Now run across the whole way here and go to world three, the emerald hill lobby. Once you’re in the emerald hill lobby, find a specific spot and then go over to the right side to find a small platform. You have to jump on it and tap on the bonus pad to go upwards. Now you need to be quick to accomplish level 35 to get knuckle. 

Slow Speed

This game is called Sonic Speed Stimulant. When you’re running at a speed that you can’t control, you’re running past all the diamonds in the rings that you would have been getting. You’re going to do a job getting some, but for the most part, you’re not going to be getting all of them, but there is one exception to the rule inside chests, and there’s a power-up called magnet boost. As long as you’re near the diamond or the ring, it will automatically attract the character, meaning you don’t have to be as accurate, meaning you could buy the magnet boost 2 for 150 Robux.

So go and drop your speed down to 50 and run to the same route again. Now you can go into settings, and you can lower your speed, making it easier for you. When you run around and try to level up, you need to grab some diamonds. 

Collect Diamonds

First, you need to collect your diamonds, buy a nearby portal, and go there. Once you’re inside the portal, go straight and turn around, then go back through the portal, and you will see that all the diamonds you collected are respawned. So if you have a favorite route that you like and one that has a lot of diamonds and a lot of rings, then that route will be the one which you want to run again and again right next to a portal because you can run it, go into the portal and then come back.

Random Chest Button

Number three is elementary, but a lot of people overlook this. At the top of your screen, there will be a  little redeem chest button, and the chest has things like experience rings and that sort of thing. You get a lot more chest as you play the game and the more rings and experience you collect. Still, it’s great. You can eat all sorts of stuff here, including things like magnet boost power-up boosts and all that stuff you’d usually have to spend on Robux to get, so make sure you guys click those top redeem buttons, and you’ll get a whole bunch of good stuff. 

Rings and EXP

Now you need to focus on rings or experience. Every map has a particular spot with more experience or clusters of rings that spawn more frequently, like this spot lost valley where there are many spots. Still, many rings don’t line up with all the experience. You get the ring separately. So if you run this little route here, this is just a ring route. You’re not going to get a ton of experience when you run this, but that’s the point. You want to figure out what you want to focus on. 

You have to find a route with a lot of rings and then run that repeatedly until things respawn. A lot of rings are going to be in this little circle things as well, and there’s not going to be any experience here, so you need to focus on it and not have to focus on both of them unless you’re going for both, then do that, but you guys get the point and last but certainly not least chows and trails. 

Chows and Trails 

Chows and trails are the backbones of how your character levels up. It doesn’t matter if they’re evolved. It doesn’t matter how rare they are. You want to ensure that you have all of them equipped and have your trail provided to see. They give you experience and rings for each one that you have equipped. Some give you more, some give you less, and if you evolve them, they give you even more.

You want to have the maximum number of children equipped and the best trail you can fit. It doesn’t matter if it’s evolved or not because the more you run, the more you collect experiences that will eventually level up. Many vending machines around the map allow you to buy the children like the one of the stardust 300, the one down to 600, and if you go down this way here, this one’s a thousand, and it gives you some other options. 

There’s one that not a lot of people know about, and if you go over this bridge right here, make your way to the 1500 XP ring and then jump up on this platform here, and there’s a vending machine here that has chaos only for 1200 gold rings not too bad. Now make your way to the bounce pad, and from there, you need to push back so that you don’t jump over it. 2500 ring one has a couple of chows and trails that you can’t get quickly.

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