Tips For The Bow In Super Doomspire

This guide will provide you with the five tips on how to use the Bow in Roblox Super Doomspire. 

1. Loadout:

Your loadout is shadow blade, scope shot, square bomb, trampoline, and Bow.

The shadow blade

You can choose this one because it’s a one-shot kill if you combo it with a charged bow.

The Trampoline

You can choose this because you can easily gain the high ground and snipe your enemies.

Square bomb (or reskin)

You can choose this because you can ambush your enemies and get some cool trick shots.

Scope shot

Select this, and if you use it quickly with the Bow, you can have two projects going to your enemies at once.

2. Infection

Like a zombie, the Bow has its usual damage, You are a zombie, and you have little health; you should keep your distance from the survivors. So you can use their bows long-range to snipe the survivors whilst keeping your distance.

As a survivor, camping at the top and charging your bow is recommended, so you can 1 shot the zombies.

3. Camera toggle

You will need to Right-click to toggle the camera on.

Then combo it with shift lock. Then you have this cool crosshair.

4. Practice

Practice on AFK players by trying to hit them with a bow from a distance. 

5. Never close combat.

You should never close the combat; keep fighting again and again. 

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