Tips To Better Recoil Control | PUBG PC Lite

The basic Theory behind Recoil Controlling is when you spraying the recoil starts to kick in and it tries to mitigate it by pulling the mouse down at a Regular speed. This guide will give you the best tips for better recoil in PUBG PC Lite.

5. Always go crouch when spraying.

Going crouch rather than standing up will reduce your Recoil Significantly. This will help you in all situations and all types of weapons. This makes it easier to control long-range sprays. But remember this is something you need to practice until it comes up naturally. This will mostly help you in spraying with Beryl / AKM. It is something you must do when using an M249 or DP-28. Start practicing, if you haven’t done it already.

4. Find your perfect sensitivity.

Sensitivity is unique to every player. So it’s different from person to person. Some people like to use lower sensitivity, some like high. It depends on lots of factors.

Sensitivity depends on,

  • Type of your mouse
  • Your mouse DPI
  • Your Mousepad area
  • How you grip the mouse
  • Mousepad surface.

3 Increase Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier

If you are having a really hard time controlling recoil, this option is for you.

Go to settings > Controls > Vertical Sens. Multiplier. Increasing this up to 2.0 will make the Recoil Controlling very easy. But sometimes it will mess up your aim so badly. To find the value that works best for you. It’s recommended not to go beyond 1.50, somewhere between 1.0 to 1.5 will work for most players.

2. Use the ideal Grips for different Scopes.

Using the ideal Grips will make the recoil control easier. If you are spraying within 50m with a Red dot, the half grip will actually work very well. If you are spraying with a 3x or 4x, Vertical Grip is your best choice! The vertical grip is the overall best grip in PUBG. Most players prefer it.

1. Spray as a Burst is More Effective.

In a Match situation, you only need 6 – 7 Bullets to kill an enemy. So rather than spray down all the 40 Bullets, try to shoot with small bursts. This way you’ll be more accurate, and you’ll have good control over your weapon. You are also more efficient with your bullets and don’t have to reload frequently. So, hit the training ground and Start Practicing! Use these techniques in TDMs and FFA matches.

Bonus Tip!

Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision to better accuracy when aiming.

Search “Mouse Settings” and Open it.

Click “Additional Mouse Settings”.

Navigate to > Pointer Options > Uncheck the Tick and then click on apply.

This will help you in Aim precisely.


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