Tips to Get Blueprints Fast In Asphalt 9 Legends

This guide will find out the seven tips to get the Blueprints fast in Asphalt 9 Legends. You have to follow all the steps carefully to get them. 

Playing Daily Events and Special Events

There are a lot of events in daily events which will give you cheap cars, but few of the cars will help you in the game like Aventador. These cars will provide you with more points to progress in the game. In the career, you need to play as much as you can to get blueprint points, and if you go to the last page of your career, you will get a rare blueprint in the S class cup. 

When the new season releases, you will find the location of the new event on that season’s career page, and you will also get up to three blueprints. While progressing in the career, you will get various blueprints, tokens, and credits in the game, and you need to make sure to complete the daily missions as well. 

Legend Store 

You can also purchase the blueprint from the legend store. You will get all types of blueprints in the store, but it requires you to have a good garage level and the featured cars in the store. The cars in the legend store will change after each time zone in the game. So you have to check the cars in each timezone and see when the car goes to credit. Also, you will need to make sure not to spend any token on the cars because these cars will spawn in your credits with time.

Play Multiplayer

You will get a lot of multiplayer events in the game. The second part of the multiplayer events is different from the others because it changes automatically after every seven days. Hence, it is more important to play in these events and collect as many blueprints as possible. In season one multiplayer, you will have certain cars that you can use to eliminate milestones, and before the end of the event, if you reach master league, you will get rare blueprints of special cars that are not easy to find.

Club Milestone

The club milestone is the best option if you want good blueprints of good cars without much grinding. The amount of reputation you gain in the club milestone and the other member’s progression in your club and you hit your club’s feature items, then that feature item will give you good blueprints; they are only features in higher reputation level. If you have a lower garage level, you have to form a group first; then, you have to make a new club and play multiplayer with them as much as you can to increase your level. 

Playing Grand Prix and Electric Events

These events feature new cars, and in the Grand Prix, you need to play a good game to earn the cars and their blueprints. The Grand Prix event is a seven-week event, and in every round, you need to collect blueprints because these blueprints will help you unlock and start the car.

Car Hunt 

When you start the car hunt for good cars, you have to play in it without wasting your tickets. And utilize the hunt to get the blueprints as soon as possible.

Dump on bos packs 

You have to invest a high amount of money only if the BOS event is happening and this event occurs for a certain period. At the event time, you will get elite car cards and some multiplex cars, and if you invest a good amount of tokens on it, you can easily unlock the star rocket with maximum level. 

In this event, the drop rate of packs becomes better, and in multi-packs, you get very good cars. So you should invest tokens in these packs mostly because you don’t get good or premium cars in multi-packs and bad drops throughout the whole year.

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