Tips And Tricks For The Frag Pro Shooter

In this guide, you will find out different tips and tricks for the Frag Pro Shooter Game.

#1 Climb on Top

You can use the ability of Lolly pop (jelly spring), you can bounce on jelly to go up. Then choose any support card like a freshman or camper card.

After that, bounce on the jelly. Now you are on top, and you can kill some enemy.

When you’re on top, you can kill as much as you want because no one kills you but you need to use those characters who have long gun ranges.

#2 Playing against a bot

This hack helps you to get both as your opponent. You need to go to your profile and change the flag.

After changing the flag, go to the options and click on “Check Region”.

After this, just go and start the game. This trick is very useful for events, you can win many events or trophies. Playing against the bot is easy, you will win all the matches and you don’t get only one match, you get multiple matches with both.

You can win a lot of trophies and top the leaderboard because of this trick.

#3 trickshot of striker.

If you are using the striker, you need to know this trick. It helps you to get the sum advantage when you are shooting on target the opponent AI (bot).

See that’s how this trick works.

You can destroy all the bases like that.

#4 Put any card on top

You have to put any character on top for a better shooting angle against the opponent. You can buy a fidelio machine on top.

#5 Use the ability of a jet.

You can use the ability to jet and fly all over the map.

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