Tips & Tricks – Northgard

This guide will provide 10 Tips in Northgard that you can apply in the game. These tips are very beneficial for you, and it is worthwhile knowing them.  

Tip Number 1: When you start the game, you must build a Woodcutter, Scout Camp, and a House all at once. You can build two Woodcutters, but it depends on your clan and food income. Watch out for your population, as when the pointer is red, you will lose your valuable time where other villagers might have been spawned.

Tip Number 2: You must have to give orders to scout early in the game. You have to scout at least the first three or four tiles throughout the Town Hall. It is important for you to examine the direction you want to expand your land. In this way, you will be able to locate the ruins of shipwrecks around. You have to upgrade your scout camp to look inside the enemies’ tiles.

Tip Number 3: You must move your villagers searching for food into tiles with a silo in them. It will expand their usefulness by 10% or even 20% when the silo is upgraded. 

Tip Number 4: You should not build your towers near the enemy’s border. The reason is that the soldiers will take more time to reach the tower. At the same time, you’ll get more hits from the tower.

Tip Number 5: You must use a war chief or shield-bearer to take more hits from the tower. It will allow your other unit to do heavy damage, but they must have strong armor for this. 

Tip Number 6: You have to use hotkeys for quick access to units or buildings. It will enable you to make separate groups of soldiers. To do this, press the Control button along with a numerical key ranging from 1 to 0. You have to create a quick key for buildings like Healers Hut. It will enable you to change the priorities of units that are getting healed, and you don’t need to look on the map to search for the Healer’s Hut for this purpose.

Tip Number 7: You will need to equip your Longship Doch/Harbor as fast as possible because it’s important to build your economy quickly. You can select your sailor to get either more lore or fame. You have to go to the lore because it will allow you to faster access the new lore research. Fame victory is only foremost until you reach level 500. After reaching level 500, it is only suitable for the bear clan, whose military strength increases by 1% for every 100 points of fame.  

Tip Number 8: You must take care of your wolves and draugrs near your boundaries. Because they might irritate and kill the villagers or even soldiers. It can retard your early-game economics. So you have to get rid of it as fast as you can. 

Doing this, as in colonizing the tiles, also gives you small bonuses like iron and fame.

Tip Number 9: When you get attacked, you must move your scout back to your area. He will lose 50 hit points out of 100 points on every single attack. So the purpose of getting them back is to get healed up. So now the health will be over 50 hit points, and the next attack wouldn’t kill him.

Tip Number 10: You must use the strong points of your clan i.e. Clan of the Wolf has bonuses for your military or Clan of the Stag has great food and wood bonuses in the early game. So go through the clan specifics in the game.

You have to go through the lore research window. Every clan has its lore research.

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