Top 10 Adventure Maps for Minecraft PE 1.18

This guide will let you know the top 10 adventure maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition. 

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    Trapped in Prison 

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    In this map, you will find the whole island made of bedrock. When you start this map,  you will spawn in the first level of the prison, so you have to follow the path and escape from the prison. The texture and the color blocks used in this map are very rare and attractive, and you have to clear all the levels to break out of the prison.

    Mystery of Missing Chief 

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    In this map, the village chief is missing, and your mission is to find the chief and bring him back to the king. There is a beautiful castle with guards and villagers on this map, and you will get hints in the chat and command section. You can also find treasure on this map, which will give you diamonds and more rare things, so if you are looking for a mission, this is the best option to play.

    The Cursed Neighbor 

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    There are two beautiful buildings on this map, and each building is full of ghosts because it is a horror map. When you start this map, you will spawn on the front side of the first building, and to start the mission, you need to go inside and explore the building. The texture pack used in this map is very attractive and beautiful, and there are custom sound effects that make it more horror.

    The Western Run

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    This map is hardcore and adventurous, and you can increase your jumping skills and your aiming skill while playing this map. When you start this map, you will spawn in a small bedroom, so you have to go outside and see a small checkpoint on your right. You will need to explore the world, but you need not fall while jumping; otherwise, you will die because of the big holes.

    The Werewolves 

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    On this map, you cannot change the game mode from survival to creative. It is a multiplayer map, and you can play with four more players. There are five different roles in this map, and each player has its role. The one playing a werewolf role can explore the map, and the one you are playing as a hunter needs to kill the werewolf. It is one of the best maps for multiplayer.

    The Ancient Temple 

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    When you install this map, you will spawn in a small room, where you have to open the chest and grab a guidebook and some tools you will need later on this map. You have to press the button on the wall, which will teleport you to the main map. You will find an ancient temple on the map, you have to explore the temple, and you will find a lot of treasures. Each window in the castle has a clue hint, so you must follow the path and complete the map.

    Biome Parkour 

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    On this map, you can get parkour regarding biomes, and you can also find the hotel where you can eat breakfast. You will first spawn in a small building, and there you will find five different levels. To play into each level, you need to press the button under their nameplate, and it will teleport you to that level. Each level will take a minimum of thirty minutes to complete, and once you complete it, you need to press the second button to go to the next level. 

    The secret of Dungeons

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    The texture pack for this map is very beautiful as compared to others. There are two buttons, so you have to click on the start button. On this map, you have to find a secret dungeon, there will be some beautiful villagers’ houses, and outside the house, you will find a man named Grayson. 

    So you have to get close to him and select the interact option; he will give you an image after the conversation and ask you to help him. So you have the option, if you want to help, you can press the yes button, and if you don’t want to help, you have to press the no option. 

    Zombie Apocalypse 

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    This map starts with parkour, and you will get a lot of different customized materials to clear this map. You can have your menu, and you will find the zombie’s information on that menu. If you tap over to credits, you will get a pistol and some more tools that will help you kill zombies. The zombies will attack you only at night because they will not come out in the daylight.

    Tower of Death

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    It is the hardest map of all, this map is also a parkour map, and there are a lot of different parkours on this map. To start this map, you need to press the button on the wall, and it will teleport you to the main site. This map is made of almost fifty thousand blocks. When you spawn in the tower, you will see that the base of the tower is full of lava, and to clear this map, you have to go on the top of the tower, and if you fall, you will die and will respawn in the main room where you have to press the button and start the mission again.

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