Top 10 Best JDM Cars In GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will find the top 10 JDM cars in Grand Theft Auto V online. It will also let you know the price of these cars.

10. Vulcan Warrener:

The price of the Vulcan Warrener is $120k, which is very cheap. It is a very nice looking car with decent customization options, but it has a very low stance. And it is the slower car of its class.

9. Karin Kuruma:

Karin Kuruma is $95,000, and it is one of the cheapest JDM cars in the game. It is very good at handling, and a nice exhaust backfire has made this car rapid. But it offers very few customization options.

8. Karin 190z:

Karin 190z costs 900K dollars, a bit pricey but good for meets. This car has a very nice wooden interior and offers lots of customization options. Karin 190z is easy to stance.

7. Penumbra FF:

Penumbra FF is a JDM car with a clean design, and it costs $1,380,000. This car has a carbon interior and gives you decent customization, and Penumbra FF is really quick.

6. Annis ZR380:

The normal price of Annis ZR380 is $2,138,640, and trade price is $1,608,00. The engine sound of this car is amazing; it is very fast and also has a nitro option.

Annis ZR380 is a bit expensive, and handling can be difficult. Most customization options are locked behind a paywall of the arena, and its visibility is poor due to armor. It would still be an amazing car if you could afford it.

5. Elegy RH8:

You need a social club for free Elegy RH8, or it costs you $95K. This car offers forgiving handling and decent customization. It is not the fastest but still great to bring to meets. Elegy RH8 has a nice carbon interior, and you can upgrade it at Benny’s for $904K.

4. Jester Classic:

Jester Classic costs you 790K dollars. It has a decent speed and good customization options. The interior of Jester Classic is a bit basic, but the turbo sound is amazing. It has a JDM icon on it.

3. Dinka Blista Kanjo:

The normal price of Dinka Blista Kanjo is $580K, and the trade price is $435K. This car is quite fast with a JDM icon on it. Dinka Blista Kanjo offers lots of customization options and a nice turbo sound. But this car has too much understeer, so you can’t stance it.

2. Karin Sultan Classic:

Karin Sultan Classic is a rapid car, fast enough to compete with cars like Pariah on the same tracks, and it costs $1,288,000. This car has a very good engine and turbo sound, and it also gives you good customization options. But the price of Karin Sultan Classic is just too high.

1. Elegy Retro Custom:

Elegy Retro Custom is quite fast, and it costs $904K for Benny’s upgrade. It offers extremely good customization, the turbo effect is amazing, and this car looks stunning. Elegy Retro Custom is based upon two of the biggest JDM icons, an easy car to stance.

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