Top 10 Best Skins in Brawl Stars (Tier list)

The Brawl Stars game features different skins for different characters. The players can unlock these skins with the help of gems. You can change the overall look and visuals of your brawler with these skins.This guide will provide you the details of the best skins in Brawl Stars game.


Challenger Colt

The #10 best skin in brawl stars is *challenger colt* that costs 5$, this skin was exclusive to the brawl stars world championship! very custom and limited. You will love the effects of this skin, with vibrant colors which makes it stand out!

A good skin gives a brawler a higher satisfaction, makes a brawler stand out, and makes it almost feel like it is a better brawler to play, more rewarding.

Robo Mike

The best skin on number 9 is robo mike, price is 300 gems. This skin feels different and looks way different than any other dynamike skin, since the brawler basically got totally changed with custom voice effects. This skin almost feels like it is a little tank, a great skin changes the feel of a brawler.Brawler throws his hat away, so the little bird under his hat is able to fly and deal some damage.


The best skin on number eight is Zombibi that costs 80 gems. The special effect animations and especially the skull supers effects makes this skin so amazing, and so cheap as that makes it definitely worth it!

Bibi is a very strong brawler if you learn how to utilise her knockback the walls, and her supers, then you will master bibi. Look at the ground effects when bibi hits, amazing!

Werewolf Leon

The best skin on number seven is Werewolf Leon, price is 150 gems, very satisfying skin. The custom effects of this skin fits Leon the best as an assassin brawler, everyone loves a scary looking skin! Leonis a strong solo showdown brawler and his main strength is his aggression, He gets a movement speed buff, to utilise his speed to increase my kill rate in showdown!

Evil Gene

The best skin on number six is Evil Gene!, price is 150 gems. The special effects, animations, and super are just so amazing and gives a huge satisfying factor, which makes it much more fun to play him in any game mode! Gene is a very strong brawler in solo showdown, his super is just so game changing and you can do so much if you learn how to be consistent with hitting your supers.

Ultra Driller Jacky

The best skin on number five is ultra driller jacky! which costs 150 gems. A very satisfying skin to play , the custom effects make it look like she is consistently poisoned by crow, while using her second star power gives an extra effect!

Jacky is a true showdown beast across all trophy ranges. It’s so easy to be aggressive with her because she is so easy to aim with, use supers and use an efficient gadget to win the trophies!

Rogue Mortis

The best skin on number 4 is rogue mortis, price is 150 gems. The price is so good for this amazing animated skin, it stays fresh to play, while his bats change into a tornado as a super effect, which adds so much depth and satisfaction to this skin!

This skin adds a dangerous look to mortis, definitely an amazing skin for the price, because mortis is so fun and satisfying to play, that’s what makes this skin definitely a game changer!

Virus 8-bit

The best skin on number three is Virus 8-bit, it costs 300 gems, this skin has everything a skin needs to have to be unique, the custom effects when he walks, when he shoots, his voice lines are so good this skin is so satisfying!

8-bit his new star power and gadget, were really game changing for him, extremely good, 8-bit is now one of the strong good brawlers instead of being independent on teaming, he is now a beast on his own!

Cony Max

The second best skin in brawl stars is cony max, price is 150 gems. This is an amazing and unique skin for Max that comes out, with so many custom satisfying effects! just amazing like el brown!

This skin gives Max an extremely satisfying factor and changes the feel of the brawler, this is the perfect skin for max!

Gold Mecha Crow

The best skin in brawl stars is Gold Mecha Crow! Price is 50.000 star points. This skin has everything you want a skin to have, everyone is able to get it if you play enough. It has such an amazing exclusive feel to it which is important!


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