Top 10 Best Vehicles in Game – GTA V Online

This guide will let you know which are the best vehicles in the GTA 5 game.



Cargobob is very useful in vehicle cargo business missions, you can pick moving vehicles with some skills. It might struggle to lift heavy vehicles. Cargobob can take a few missiles before blowing up but still it’s an easier target for griefers and try hands. The price of Cargobob is $1.79 – 1.99M and top speed is 150 km/h 93 mph.


Weaponized Tampa:

Weaponized Tampa has 20 missiles with no auto lock system, Dual Miniguns is the best weapon. It also can have 20 Rear Mortars and has a full 360’ range with decent damage. Most of these weapons require bunker research. All of Tampa’s weapons are driver controllable, making it an excellent choice for heists and missions. However, it gets blown up with single explosions. The price of Weaponized Tampa is $1.58 – 2.10 M and top speed is 177 km/h 110 mph.



The missile Barrage of Akula can fire 4 missiles at once, homing Missiles a more practical choice. Akula’s main feature is it’s stealth mode as it just vanishes from the map. It is very useful for free roam activities. .50 Cal Minigun passenger operable not very useful. The price of Akula is $2.78 – 3.70M and best speed is 247 km/h | 153 mph.



The main feature of Hydra is it’s hover / VTOL mode. Dual Cannons can destroy everything. Hydra also have homing missiles with infinite capacity. It’s a blend of speed, lethality & versatility. Hover mods and weapons combo make it useful in the missions. The price of Hydra is $3.00 – 3.99M and top speed is 333 km/h 207 mph.



Nightshark is a nearly indestructible vehicle. The front armor plating is good against NPC enemies. Nightshark is very fast as compared to some other vehicles in the game. It features a fixed front mounted MG and deals very little damage to vehicles. Without plating, you can use any drive-by weapon. A nearly indestructible vehicle has its own perks that solves the lack of weapons issue. The price of Nightshark is $1,245,000 and top speed is 165 km/h 103 mph.



Thruster is really easy to fly and land. It has got Homing Missiles and the missile tracking is quite good at this. The agility and size of Thruster makes it a good choice for grinding. On the downside, you’re exposed to bullets, etc. And you have to pay for insurance even if someone else shoots you. The price of Thruster is $2.75 – $3.65 M and best speed is 200 km/h 124 mph.

Kuruma Armored:

Kuruma is one of best investments in the game, it’s armour is almost impenetrable by bullets. It is the perfect choice for heists and missions. Being a 4×4 vehicle also helps in off road stuff. You just need to stay away from explosives. The price of Kuruma is $525k – $698k and top speed is 175 km/h 109 mph.


Terrorbyte can take even more explosives than Nightshark. Client jobs are one of the easiest ways to make money. It allows you to check on your business. The drone station is needed for client jobs. Drones are cool & all but not very useful in the game. You need terrorbytes to upgrade oppressor mk2. The price of Terrorbyte is $1.37 – $3.45 M and best speed is 136 km/h | 84 mph.


Oppressor MK-2:


The homing missiles of Oppressor MK-2 are useful but limited to 20 missiles. It can be spawned in front of you as MC president and you need night club & terrorbyte to make it usable (paywalls). Oppressor MK-2 can be used for grinding or griefing depending on the user. It can’t gain or lose altitude that easily. Stock Dual MG is plain and simple useless. Explosive MG is a waste of money at most. The price of Oppressor MK-2 is $2.92 – $3.89 M and top speed is 208 km/h | 129 mph.

Buzzard A.C:

Buzzard A.C can also be spawned near you as CEO. It has no hidden paywalls like oppressor mk 2. Buzzard has unlimited missiles but tracking is poor. The Dual MG on this one is not useful at all. Buzzard has no defences against griefers, etc.Despite all this it’s a very very good investment. The price of Buzzard is $1,750,000 and the best speed is 226 km/h 140 mph.

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