Top 10 Characters in All Star Tower Defense (Tier List) on Roblox

This guide will let you know the top 10 characters in the Roblox All-Star Tower Defense game. Being the best, we have listed them down from number 10 to number 1.

10. Nezuko:

Nezuko has an incredible range and does an insane amount of damage. But Nezuko is the bleed-only character; that’s why she’s on the number 10 spot.

9. Toga:

Toga is a really good early game character. You can use Toga to start the infinite and story mode, and she has got some rapid attacks to bring the enemies down. The damage of Toga is 15.3.

8. Rukia:

Rukia is a five-star character, and she does a decent amount of damage to the opponents. You can consider Rukia for the frontline.

7. Airren:

Airren sets up beautifully at the start of every match. It doesn’t matter whether you upgrade him or not; he will always step up and smash into the enemies. If the boss has a ton of damage, you can spam them up with Airren. He showcases his full potential and utility in the story mode.

6. DIO:

DIO has a massive ability set that allows him to time freeze; he can freeze anyone in place for five seconds. DIO does massive damage; his range is pretty nice compared to other bleeders in the game.

5. Broly LSSJ:

Broly LSSJ is an aoe attacker; he does over 500 at the max level. Broly LSSJ is an expensive character to get early in the game. He is a very good mid-game character; he is a strong competitor to put the front to help wipe out the lower mobs.

4. Light Yagami:

Light Yagami is an essential character for infinite mode in any situation or condition because he deals with massive damage to the enemies. He deals 17898.21 damage; he will help you make great progress in infinite.

3. Mihawk:

Mihawk is one of the greatest ranges in the entire game, and he is easily obtainable in the story mode. You must pick him in your team whether you are playing the story mode or infinite. Mihawk shows his full potential when paired with Erwin.

2. Erwin:

Erwin is at the number two spot because he is the only buffer in the game. He gives a damage buff right after every minute, and this buff lasts for 30 seconds. Erwin can take you further in the infinite mode, and he can help the titans to boost the story mode, which will make them much stronger.

1. Bellma:

Bellma is the best character in the All-Star Tower Defense game. You should always pick her up before starting the game; she will help you proceed further. You can use Bellma in the story mode to max out the titans and other characters, and there is no way to get the light out without Bellma.

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