Top 10 Hiding Spots You Need To Know! Roblox Brookhaven

This guide will provide you with the top 10 hiding spots in Roblox Brookhaven. You will surely find the best secrets by going through this guide.

  • The first hiding spot is located inside the Brooks Diner. You need to grab a ladder and decrease your size a bit. Enter the building and use the leader on the main counter to climb up into the cabinets. It is a great place to hide.

  • Make your way to the airport and board the plane. Move into the washroom and you will be able to hide in the wall behind the seat.

  • For the next hiding spot, you will need to go to the police station and climb up the ladder to reach the top. Move to the front side of the building, and move through the cubbies. This is a very nice hiding spot in the game.

  • There is a hiding spot in Day Care. You have to climb up the playground equipment in Day Care to reach the roof. Once at the top, you will find a little hole, sneak in there as this is a perfect hiding spot.

  • Make your way to the beach lake area and move inside the little opening on the hill. This will be a small cave and you can hide there.

  • Ride on your vehicle and take the first left after crossing the airport, you will find a little hill there. Move under and this is another spot to hide.

  • For the next hiding spot, you will need to find a vacant lot and select the KaykBlox house to be built.

Enter the house and move upstairs to the main bedroom. Jump on the dresser and walk through the wall, there will be a small secret room.

  • Now you will need to decrease your size to 0.5 and build up a premium house. Go upstairs and enter the washroom. You will find a hole in the floor, jump into it as this is another hiding spot.

  • Go to the laundry area and open up the dryer machine. Enter into it and close the door, no one will be able to see you.

  • The next hiding spot is located in the kitchen. Go there, enter the fridge and close the door. This is a very cool hiding spot.

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