Top 10 Most Crazy & Funny Mods – Snowrunner

This guide will provide you with the details of the top 10 most funny and crazy tucks in Snowrunner. 

Table of Contents

    Hellion ISV Toy

    by maxmike181

    This mod has very poor handling and a funny driving Bug. Good luck with offroading.

    Zarya 151

    by ronnie sonchak

    Download Mod

    It consists of 3 parts; Engine, Drive shaft, and The Bed. Bed Cannot Carry charge. They are good off roaders.

    MAZ Model 7907

    by keaton blomquist

    Download Mod

    A 20×20 with 18 wheel steering, it has the longest ramp of Snowrunner. It even has a trailer support and a winch made up of metal rod. There are a maximum of 13 cargo slots, and it can pick up vehicles. It’s too big for this game.

    LARC “Bertha”

    by Fredd Wayne

    These trucks are as tall as a garage building with a big enough ramp; too big for the game roads. It has a special ability, it can float on water. The rivers became puddles, and deep mud became a joke because of this ability. It’s too big for Garage gate, but it can climb walls.

    The Spider

    by bolshoy_ru

    Download Mod

    Driver was stung by a spider, and legs are moved by the rear wheels. On paper, it has trailer support but it can’t move with the trailer. It’s a FWD, so there is no offroading.

    Battle Tank

    by Poghrim

    Download Mod

    There are tires instead of tracks; it’s exciting for new tires. CAT telehandler’s lift arm and its rear is from buildozer. 

    Harley Fat Boy

    by ChameleonHum

    Download Mod

    It can’t go an inch w/t damage. You just don’t have to try it on offroading.

    Trolling Mods

    by multiple modders

    Mutant Frog

    by mike_litarus69

    Download Mod

    This one is not an amphibian. 

    Pickle Rick Mobile

    by TnB_Xofroggy

    Download Mod

    It’s a capable offroader, and has got a Scout trailers support.

    Crazy Invisible Tires Mods

    by multiple modders.

    The Octopus 

    by AlexLemminG

    Download Mod

    It’s afraid to go offroad. Octopus at gunpoint hands up, and it’s actually a crane.

    The Rocket 

    by TnB_invalidredneck.

    Download Mod

    This mod has glowing gauges, and it is a very good off-roader. It has 5 invisible tires, but don’t try it in off-road.

    Tinka RC

    by Fredd Wayne

    Download Mod

    Here’s a size comparison with DON.

    You don’t have to get fooled by its size; it tends to destroy ground. Look at those tiny tire locks, you can fit many of them. 

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