Top 12 Minecraft Floor Designs

This guide will provide you with the best ideas to build the floor of your house or any another build. 

Table of Contents

    Quartz Floor 

    You will need Beacons Court, stairs, Quartz pillars, and glass to build this floor. These floors look more beautiful if you have the white walls in the house.   

    Blackstone design Floor

    The floor has four stones which give it a very rare look, and there is water inside the floor. To build this design, you will need some blackstones blocks and a stairs block that can add water to the floor. It looks even better if you have a dark shade of the walls that match the floor.  

    Cave Floor Design

    You can make a cave floor using Dead tube coral block, light grey concrete powder, stone, andesite, gravel, cobblestone and basalt. This floor is mostly used in some caves. You also have to make sure to match the texture of the floor as well.

    Dark Themed Floor 

    This floor has glass in the centre which gives it a very elegant look, and you can use it with any wall colour you want. The floor has its light inside it, which will help you in the night. 

    Water themed Floor 

    The water themed floor has a green-shaded colour, and there is water on the side of the floor which looks great. If you have the guardian farm, you can use this floor there, and it has a different texture as well. You can also customize it if you want.

    Contrast Floor

    This floor has a unique light grey Glazed Terracotta, which makes the perfect contrast with white and grey. You can also use other Terracotta on the floor if you want.

    Honeycomb design Floor 

    This floor is made with many different resources, and there are lanterns on the floor that look very pretty. To build this floor, you require Blackstone stairs, bone blocks, polished basalt, polished andesite and dead brain coral block.   

    New Soul Speed Floor 

    The new soul speed floor has a unique colour combination of turquoise and, separated with white and black colour. It looks like a chess board with different colours.  

    Desert Floor 

    If you are doing a desert build, you will need to use this floor; this floor is made of sandstones and other materials. The floor has a very good contract with the leave, and there are sea lanterns in all corners of the floor, which has a very elegant look.  

    Door Floor

    This floor is made of trap doors and spruce logs under it, and then you will also need the campfires and mix water splash potions with them. It is based on green’s barge, and this floor is for the base of the starter; you can also use it anywhere you want. The texture of the floor is brownish wooden so that you can also use it on your farm or barn. 

    Storyline Floor 

    This floor is used in your trophy rooms and the library because this floor is more detailed than any other floor. The texture of this floor is very different as there are diamonds on this floor and glass slabs. It looks like a lifestyle chart. 

    Rainbow Floor 

    This floor can be used in the centre of the cathedral. The design of this floor is very colourful, like a rainbow, because you will use different colour blocks to build it and give it the best texture. This floor can be used in big builds as well. 

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