Top 14 Minecraft Castle Ideas

In this guide, you will find out the best ideas for Minecraft castle. You can follow any of them to build the dream castle in your world. 

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    Simple Castle

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    This video tutorial features a simple castle that will provide you with a massive shelter, storage space, and defense. The structure of this castle is primarily made up of cobblestone and stone bricks. You can decorate the interior and exterior of the castle according to your liking and light it up with the help of lanterns. The architecture of this castle in the video is very simple and basic; it will take a bit less time to build than others. 

    Huge Medieval Castle

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    This video tutorial by BlueNerd Minecraft features a Huge Medieval Castle, one of the biggest castles in the game. It will cover a huge space on the ground and also requires a lot of time to build. The castle in this video is divided into different sections. You have to give attention to details while building this one. There are giant pillars on all the corners of the castle and also some in the middle area. 

    Medieval Castle

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    A simple Medieval castle is made in this video tutorial. You can choose the land near the water stream because it will add to the overall beauty of the castle. Your building style will reflect while building the castle. The polished andesite blocks and cobblestone used in this video make the castle look even more realistic. You can also build a stable in your Medieval castle. 

    Simple Fantasy Castle

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    This video tutorial by “One Team” featured a Simple Fantasy Castle consisting of four towers. You will need to work on the walls of the castle and customize the castle’s entrance in the way you like. You can make a garden and a small farm near the castle for your animals. The mountains on the backside of this castle look amazing. 

    Tower Castle 

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    This video tutorial features a Tower castle in the water. You can use different blocks to build a strong base of a castle in the water. The castle in this video has pillars on the corners and a flag at the top of each pillar. You can make a huge bridge to cross the river and reach the land. 

    Blackstone Medieval Castle

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    In this video tutorial, you will get to know how to make a rare Blackstone Medieval Castle. It is one of the biggest castles in the game; it will take a lot more space on the ground and require much more time to build than others. The color combination of the castle in this video makes it look beautiful. You can customize the interior and exterior the way you like.

    Simple Blackstone Castle  

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    This video tutorial by “Stevler” features a Huge Blackstone castle. The castle’s structure consists of four big towers attached through walls, and the main entrance has an elegant style, which you cannot usually find in your Minecraft world. Inside the castle, you also customize and decorate the interior.

    Floating Castle

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    Twin Saw features this video tutorial to make a Floating Castle. You can use materials like slabs, Bricks, chains, lanterns, and much more because it is a floating castle, and it is very rare in Minecraft. There will be two parts to this video. The first part will show you how to make the lower part of the castle, and the second part will show you the upper part of this floating castle.

    Mojang Castle

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    It is the best castle with a perfect location between the mountains. The Mojang castle requires a lot of attention to detail as it is the biggest castle in the game with its village, barn and stable. You can customize the interior of the main castle, and it is a very long video as it takes a lot of time to build compared to other castles in Minecraft.

    Medieval Diorite Castle 

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    This video tutorial by “Stevler” features a Medieval Diorite Castle in Minecraft. The castle is in the style of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. The main resources for construction are diorite, dark oak and spruce wood. The layout of the castle is very attractive, so it looks beautiful from the outside. The castle has magic which is unique and rare. You can decorate the interior and boundary of the castle according to your liking. 

    Deepslate Castle in the medieval style

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    This video tutorial by “Stevler” features a Deepslate Castle in medieval style. It is a huge castle, and the main gate is titled to perform the functions of the bridge over the water, which is a unique idea. To construct this castle, you can use deepslate, cobbled deepslate and spruce wood. Glowing squids are floating in the lake. Around the castle, there is a small pond inside the fortress, where the Axolotls live. 

    King’s Castle

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    This video tutorial by “JINTUBE” lets you build a King’s castle in your Minecraft world. There is a secret passage and a prison for the enemies in the castle. There is a large kitchen where you can also stock some of the food, wells, big walls, a guard tower, and a massive King’s residence. You can also customize the interior of the hall, and you also have to build the guard tower so that if you get attacked, you can have a full view of the area and spot the enemy easily. 

    Medieval Fantasy Castle

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    Classy Kiwi features this video. The castle’s layout is very beautiful and unique because of the color selection used to build it. The texturing walls and the roofing gives a perfect look to the castle In the first section of the video, build the towers of the castle first and then the base structure of the castle. The castle has its storage room, and you also have the space to farm; you can also customize the castle’s interior or use the instruction from the video. 

    Japanese Castle

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    This video tutorial by “BlueBits” features a uniquely Japanese-style castle. The dimensions of the Castle are – 67 wide x 48 x 39 tall in this video, but you can customize it according to your need. The base of the castle consists of three high stone bricks, and it has two portions. The main entrance has stairs to enter the castle. There are lanterns all around the castle, which give the best layout of the castle. It is one of the tricky castles to build and requires a lot of attention to detail. 

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