Top 4 Minecraft Roof Designs

This guide will provide you with different roof designs. You can use any one of them while building your house in the Minecraft world. 

Table of Contents

    Starter Roof Design 

    You can use the starter roof design for a small house. It is a single roof with a fancy layout, and you can also customize it if you want to. 

    Brick Stone Roof Design 

    The brick stone roof design is very similar to the first one. This roof is used for the simple house in Minecraft world. 

    Trio Roof Design 

    The third roof is a trio roof; three portions of the roof are linked with each other. This roof is not for a small house; its shape is like a T. 

    Ultimate Roof Design

    The fourth roof is also used for huge houses, and it is the ultimate roof because of its unique design. You can customize each roof according to your own needs. You can also attach the glass windows on the roof to look fancier. 

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