Top 5 Armor Sets & How to Get Them – The Legend of Zelda

You can have various armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In this guide, you will learn about Top 5 armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You have to follow the given guide to learn about the armor sets, which will increase your game performance and have more fun playing the game.  

Dark Link Armor Set:

On number 5, you have a Dark Link armor set; it can make you run faster at night. It is the best-looking armor in the game. Running faster at night is more useful than you might think. You can get from point A to point B at real speed. It saves stamina more than every armor in the game. You can obtain it by visiting Kilton and from the various locations that appear between 9:00 PM to 4:AM.

You can get Kilton at Skull Lake, if you haven’t had any interaction with Kilton before. 

After the first conversation with him, he will officially open the business outside all major villages and towns, but only at night. 

If you want this stunning armor set, you need to complete all the divine beasts. This armor set is cool, and you can run faster, which will be helpful for you in the game. 

Climber Armor Set:

On number 4, you have a Climber armor set. If you want to climb a mountain and your character does not have enough stamina to reach the top, then the Climber armor set perfectly fits this purpose. It can help you climb up the mountain and even reduce the stamina used while climbing up. With the help of a Climber armor set, you can climb up every mountain. It doesn’t matter how big the mountain is; you will get on the top in no time. 

You can obtain the Climber armor by completing the three different shrines. You can get the climber’s bandana from Ree Dahee Shrine.

You can get the climber’s gear from Chaas Qeta Shrine

And the climber’s boat within the shire quest. You also get Spirit Orbs which can contribute to your stamina, and you can get even higher. A simple armor set doesn’t help climb up the mountains, but a Climbing armor set will help you in the game. 

Stealth Armor Set:

On number 3, there is a Stealth armor set. You can get the set at the very beginning of the story. With this armor set, you will be able to move faster along with creeping on horses. You can also sneak strike on enemies and walk by enemies without knowing them. 

You can get this whole armor set from the shop inside a Cocorico village. It is recommended to buy this armor set because it’s worth buying. 

Ancient Armor Set:

On number 2, you have an Ancient armor set. This set will make your game easier for you. With an Ancient armor set, you get a Guardian resistance. With the help of this armor set, you will take very little damage from getting hit by the guardians. So you can save some food and make guardian materials. Guardian weapons also give you a boost in attacking. You can take down enemies in no time using various Guardian weapons which you picked up on your way or the weapons you created yourself. You can make them with the various pieces of the guardians you have defeated. 

You can get the Ancient armor set from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

You need to lose some Guardian parts and rupees to get it. The Ancient armor set turns you into a complete beast. 

Barbarian Armor Set:

On number 1, there is Barbarian armor set. The attack boost with this armor set is simple. It doesn’t have any attack boost, but usually, you fight in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild quite often. You may face some random enemy on your journey. The specialty of the Barbarian armor set is that you reduce the stamina used by charge attacks. 

You can get the Barbarian Helm from Tu Ka’loh Shrine.

And a Barbarian Armor from Dila Maag Shrine.

The Barbarian Leg Wraps from Qaza Tokki Shrine.

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