Top 5 Best Guns In Roblox Da Hood

This guide will let you know about the 5 best guns in the Roblox Da Hood game.

Following are the best guns in the game:

  1. Rev.
  2. Double Barrel SG.
  3. SMG.
  4. LMG.
  5. RPG.
  • Rev:

Rev is the best handgun in the game. It does 40% more damage than the Silencer, and it also kills the enemy very quickly. Rev is a go-to gun when you first spawn into the game; every professional player of Da Hood uses this gun.

  • Double Barrel SG:

Double Barrel SG is a pro-gun, 1 shot head/neck shots. The only word for this gun is OP, but your aim matters with this gun. You can blow your opponents in just 1 shot.

  • SMG:

SMG is a skilled gun for skilled players; it is the best short-range spam gun in the Da Hood game. This gun requires godlike aim.

  • LMG:

LMG is the best long-range heavy gun spammer in the game. It deals a small amount of damage, but it will crack your armor quickly than SMG. Lead Shots are very easy with LMG; all you have to do is tilt your mouse up. Then rush them and finish them with a DB.

  • RPG:

RPG is a rocket launcher that is simply used to destroy enemies.

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