Top 5 Best Jailbreak Glitches Found

This guide will let you know about the top 5 Jailbreak Glitches Found In Blade Update.

5. Instant Robbery Skip:

For the first glitch, make your way to the 1M dealership as a criminal. Once here, get the brand new blade vehicle and head to any robbery.

It is suggested to either go to the museum or jewelry store.

Now once at the robbery, line your vehicle up with any flat surface. We suggest to use a wall or a window for this glitch.

Next, drive full speed into the flat surface once lined up. Now your blade should be stuck attached to the flat surface.

Next, exit the blade and start the robbery like normal.

Once you collect your items, head to the parked blade. As you can see, if you get close to the blade you can enter it.

Finally, enter any seat on the blade and you will be put outside. Now you are free to collect your money.

This glitch is great for grinding money or levels very fast and great for avoiding camping cops at the robbery.

4. God Mode Glitch:

For this next glitch, first grab yourself any helicopter in Jailbreak.

Next, fly to a fairly open location with your helicopter. We suggest using the prison for this glitch for a better result.

Next, exit the driver seat and stand beside any passenger seat. Now, you have to enter any seat and swap teams at the same time.

This requires perfect aiming so it might take a few tries. If you swapped teams and you can see the rope icon, that means it worked.

Now join back on any team and you will be invincible.

Keep in mind, you are unable to run or crawl while doing this glitch. It does not look like you are invincible, but nobody can damage you.

For example, if your alt tries to shoot you, it will not deal any damage. No matter how many bullets are shot, you will never take damage. This glitch also works even if you become a criminal.

This glitch is very op since you can never take damage from players. This glitch is great for trolling players especially as a police. Just make sure not to jump or lower the rope or you will die.

#3 Power Plant Obby Skip

For this next glitch, first get yourself a jetpack and head to the power plant.

Next, hack the computer outside and enter the power plant.

Once inside, don’t go down but instead make sure your jetpack is full.

Now, head down and start the robbery like normal by collecting the uranium. Once completed, fly up to the main generator with your jetpack.

Next, fly up and down with your jetpack until you are teleported out. Now you are free to turn in your uranium and collect your money. This glitch is great for grinding money since you can exit faster.

2. Character Launch Glitch

For this next glitch, first head to the max security prison and stand on top of the destroyed ship. Now jump off the ship and keep holding the jump button.

If you are holding a jump, you should be jumping in the water. This is not the glitch but it is a great way to get around fast. Now, head back to the destroyed ship and try the glitch again.

If your character gets launched into the sky, that means it worked.

This glitch is a great way for escaping police since you will get launched. Just make sure to deploy your parachute before you get launched too high.

1. Anything for free:

For the final glitch, make your way to any garage on the map. You will need a friend for this glitch.

Once at the garage, wait for your friend to arrive here and then spawn any vehicle they own and customize it.

Next, customize the vehicle however your friend wants it.

Now, exit the vehicle and let friend start driving it. As your friend drives the customized vehicle into the garage, make sure you take off everything before.

Once inside, the vehicle should still be customized as you want it.

Next, go under body color and select anything you don’t currently own. Make sure it still says to buy it and exit the vehicle. Once you exit, go up to the garage door and it should open.

Next, walk back inside the garage and spawn any vehicle you own.

Customize your vehicle by going back inside the garage.

And as you can see, all the items returned to the vehicle again.

Now your vehicle will be customized however you want. This glitch is very op since you can get anything for completely free.

This means you can even get items from early versions of jailbreak. Also, your customized vehicle will stay like this even when you leave. Just make sure not to change anything on this vehicle after.

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