Top 5 Best Jailbreak Secrets Found In 4B Update

In this guide, we are going to tell you Top 5 Best Jailbreak Secrets found in the 4B update! And new secret locations and more.

5. Secret Rick Role?

For the first secret, make your way to the power plant as a criminal.

Next, hack the outside computer and make your way inside. Don’t collect any uranium but instead start doing the obby.

Now once you beach the second conveyor don’t go any further.

instead , continue following the first conveyor into the red glowing wall.

Next, go up to the computer and enjoy the music. This is a very funny secret that has been added to jailbreak recently.

The audio will keep looping as long as you can see the computer screen.

4. Secret Jailbreak Map:

For this secret, make your way to any location that the model 3 spawns.

Next, start driving the model 3 and customize it however you want. Zoom in so you can see the dashboard of the model 3 . As you can see, it shows a miniature image of the entire jailbreak map. You can still see it from inside the vehicle but it is harder without the tint.

This is a secret that not many people know of currently, although it is a very small secret, it is still pretty cool to see. This secret is shown on the dashboard of the model 3. Every vehicle only has the white light and no image . They put this secret on the model 3 because it has the biggest dashboard.

3. Secret breathing sounds?

For the next secret glitch, first make your way to the airport. Grab the jet located at the far end of the runway, the jet spawns in other locations, but the airport is best for criminals.

Once you have the jet, start flying around the map to an open area. Next, quickly start rolling the jet in any direction.

When doing this you should start to hear the sound of someone breathing.


This sound has been added to represent all; the G force you would be freeling.

You stop rolling and start going straight the breathing will stop. This secret may seem very weird to some people but it is very cool to see the sound showing that your character is reacting with all the G force.

2. Secret Bank Location:

For this glitch, first start robbing the bank like normal and explode the vault. You would need an underwater ban floor. Once the vault opens, do not enter but instead explode the second exit.

Once both doors are exploded, head to the far back end of the robbery. You should now see that a new opening has opened.

Now jump over the new wall and make your way inside the opening.

You will be inside the secret room inside the bank. This secret will only appear when the bank floor is under water. This is a very nice little secret for players while robbing. There is not much here but it is cool that the devs like to add secret locations.


1. Secret Powerful Fire?

For this final secret, make your way to the camping cops by the far police station.

Once here, you may already notice something different about their fire. Their fire does not have much smoke coming from it and is smaller.

If you walk inside the normal fire, you take a bit of damage slowly.

But you step inside their fire, you take a bunch of damage. That one fire did more damage than every other fire because there may be a design of fire added to jailbreak that is still here.

Although it is not fully a secret, it is something that nobody really knew about. Even if you kept shooting rockets to create a more powerful fire. It will not match how much a single flame can damage you. This is a cool little secret added to the Jailbreak.

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