Top 5 Best Jailbreak Secrets Found In Drone Update

This guide will let you know about the top 5 Jailbreak secrets found in the Drone update.

# 5

Secret hidden skeleton

For the first secret, make your way over and get any helicopter. I suggest using a small helicopter for this secret.

Next, once you have a helicopter head over to the max security prison. Now, don’t land or go inside the prison, but instead head past the invisible border.

Next, once outside fly down with your helicopter and you should be put under.

Then you will be under the jailbreak map with a helicopter. Next, fly your helicopter over to the large rock beside the prison cell.

Now, you want to land your helicopter near the edge on the right side of the cells. Once lined up, exit the helicopter and enter tany passenger seat.

Now, lower the rope and you should be put in the wall of the prison. Now, you should see a skeleton hidden inside the Wall as well.

This secret is very cool since it is only visible from outside the map. I am not sure if they wanted to extend the prison, or they put it here for a secret. This is still a very cool secret which I suggest checking out next time. But if you want to exit, just walk back inside the map through the wall. Then you will be back inside and the only way to return is with a rope and helicopter. Although it is a very hard secret to see, I think it is really cool to mention. Just remember to line yourself or you will fail at getting inside.

#4 hidden waterfall cave

For the next secret, first head to the waterfall beside the donut shop. Once here, exit your vehicle and head to the waterfall.

Now, swim into the small crack between the hill and the weird ground. It is a fairly small opening so it might take some time. Once inside, there is a large opening that you can swim around in. This secret cave is great for hiding from players if you have a bounty. You can also shoot from inside the cave without anyone knowing who, since this place is unknown, not many people would think you are down in a cave.

I recommend coming here if you have a fairly large bounty and need to go AFK.


Hidden RB battle season 2 badge

For this next secret, first head to any gun shop and grab any weapon you want.

Next, once you have your weapons head to the bank and climb the back ladder.

Now, once here you can either grab a helicopter or jump down to the flag.

But once at the flag, you should see a secret RB battle badge on the pole.

Next, shoot the little symbol with any gun you currently have. Next, shoot the red box on the building that looks like a target.

Once shot you should get a message saying no sword and a clue to the location. You will also get a secret badge for the RB battle season 2 event. This secret was very well thought out and hidden, which I suggest checking out. It is disappointing that we never actually got a sword inside of jailbreak. However, it is still cool to see they at least put effort into a secret. Just remember to shoot the flag and then the target on the building.

# 2

Secret working garage

For the next secret, first head to the airport with any vehicle you own. Once you reach here, either drive inside or walk to the hanger on the far left.

Now, you should get the garage to open and you can spawn any vehicle.

This is a very strange and interesting secret inside the game which is hidden. You are able to do anything like a normal garage, with spawning and customizing. This originally only worked to customize planes but now it works with all vehicles. I think this is because the new garage changed every location around. I suggest checking out this secret next time you want to spawn.

#1 Secret OG star

For this final secret, first head to the raised bridge located near the power plant.

Next, once you reach here exit out your vehicle and head to the waterfall on the right.

Next, head inside the waterfall and inside the hidden cave. And as you can see, there is a glowing star in a stone patch of the cave. You can not interact with the star, but you can stand on top.

This secret is fairly known but it has a cool backstory which makes it a secret. The star used to be located beside the road leading to the new airport.

It has been inside the game since 2017 which makes it important to the history.


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