Top 5 Best Jailbreak Secrets

This guide will let you know about the top 5 Jailbreak secrets in the August update.

5. Flying Dutchman Ship:

For the first secret make your way to the pirate cove on any team.

Next, get to the pirate ship and sail to the max security prison.

Once here, wait for it to start raining or for a thunderstorm. Once it starts raining, sail the pirate ship beside the destroyed ship.

Now your boat should get struck by lightning and audio will play.

If you do not know, the audio was from an episode of spongebob squarepants.

This secret represents the scene very well and it will only work when it is raining so it is fairly rare to see.

This secret can also be seen with the speed boat. The audio will not play but your boat will change color.

4. Secret Bank location:

For the next secret, first start the bank robbery on the mint floor.

Once the vault opens, head inside and go to the left money bag.

There should be a secret tunnel inside the wall, beside the money bag.

Now, crawl through the secret tunnel to the other side. And after crawling through the tunnel you will be in the money room.

You are unable to collect money here. But it is a cool little secret this is a cool little location you can go to if you are waiting. Just keep in mind, you can still get busted while here.

But once done, crawl back through the tunnel and you can collect your money.

Although this is useless, it is a cool little secret.

3. Hidden Blamo character:

For the next secret, first head to the hill on the right of the prison. Once here, make your way to the only light tree on the hill.

Now, you should see a small character from blamo.

This secret has been in jailbreak since it was released. It is very interesting to see it still here even after all this time.

2. Secret Jewelry store floor:

For this secret, first start the jewelry store robbery. Next, collect jewels until you get the max money.

Once you are full, head to the top floor of the jewelry store. You will see an elevator door that is closed. You are unable to enter the room and the door never opens. Inside, there is a staircase but no exit.

It may be representing the original jewelry store exit in the older version. If this is true, it is nice to see them leaving a secret to an old jailbreak. From the roof, you get a better view of what is inside the door.

As you can see, it has no exit but only a staircase to a wall. Although you can’t get inside, it is a very interesting secret.

1. Secret Underground Map:

For the final secret, you will need to head to any location and get a helicopter.

Next, fly your helicopter to the tunnel beside the prison. It is recommended to get a flashlight.

Next, land your helicopter and exit the driving seat. Now, enter the passenger seat and lower the rope.

Next head to the tunnel and fall into the hole.

Now you will be under the map and inside a small cave. There is nothing here except a giant space to walk on. This is a cool little location you can visit if you want. And this location is not very known and it is a good place to hide out. Just keep in mind that you are unable to get out of this place.


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