Top 5 Best Stands For Hamon In Yba

If you are looking for the best stands for Hamon in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure, then this is the best place for you. We have listed down the stands from number 5 to number 1.

Top 5: Star Plat

Star plat + Hamon is very nice for PvP; you can also infinite combo with this thing. If you’re looking for a spec for SP, Hamon is the one or boxing or Hamon Hamon.

Top 4: D4C:LT

D4C:LT + Hamon, you can kill a man in five clicks using this combo. The love train itself and Hamons dmg buff.

Top 3: Za hando

Nothing that much to say; you can do a one-shot combo with this thing like bruh. If you get this stand, make sure you get pluck or Hamon. Hamon is probably the best spec for this stand like this stand is so op with Hamon.

Top 2: Scary monsta

Fast life drain simulator will chomp you till death. It is recommended for SBR.

Top 1: GER

There is no surprise that GER is number 1; so many good things about this stand, and with Hamon, This thing is mad op like legit. The best specs for GER are probably Hamon and pluck.

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