Top 5 Best Titans And Vampires Dragon In Dragon City

This brief guide will get to know about the top five titans and vampires dragons in the dragon city game.

The legend rarity is divided into three (Mythical, Titans/Vampires, and legends). The titans/vampires have a special aura (Lifestyle Atk and shield); also, they earn food just like gold.

5 Prideful Vampire Dragon

His total (trained) damage amount is 6900. Pride lifestyle and pride self-damage (special skills). “Pride lifestyle or leech fang” steals life points from the opponent, and “Pride self-damage” provides enormous damage, but the user will be hurt. The weaknesses of Prideful Vampire Dragon are fire and metal. While his strengths are nature, war, fire, terra, ice, primal

4 Envious Vampire Dragon

Fourth on the list is also a vampire named Envious vampire dragon. His total (trained) damage amount is 8900. Even if he has 8900, it’s a particular skill that deals with low DMG. “(special) leech fang” steals the opponent’s life points, and “No survivors” provides damage to all the opponents. The weaknesses of Envious Vampire Dragon are terra and electric, while his strengths are sea, metal, terra, ice, fire, primal.

3 Wind Titan Dragon

The third best is the Wind titan dragon. You will be lucky if you get him. His total (trained) damage amount is 7400. You all know that the titan’s particular skill is a shield. This titan dragon is ranked 158 best dragons of all time according to the social point. The weakness of Wind Titan Dragon is wind, and his strengths are wind, sea, metal, terra, fire, nature, and war.

2 Primal Titan Dragon

Number 2 is the primal titan dragon which is very unexpected; her total (trained) damage amount is 7550. This dragon is a mythical titan; it helps her to become stronger. The primal titan dragon is ranked 57 in best dragon in dragon city according to SP. The weakness of Primal Titan Dragon is a legend, and her strengths are pure, electric, dark, ice, sea, and light.

1 Pure Titan Dragon

The best titan dragon is pure titan dragon. Also, a mythical titan dragon. His total (trained) damage amount is 8750. He is ranked 1 in category 10. According to SP, he is also ranked 2 in best legend rarity and rank 50 in best dragon. The weakness of Pure Titan Dragon is primal, and the strength is a legend, primal, terra, fire, electric, and dark.

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