Top 5 Daily Tasks To Get Ahead

This guide will provide you with the top 5 daily tasks to get ahead in Genshin Impact.

  • Guild Task

This one is obvious, but doing your guild task every day can have a huge boost on your game’s progress. You will also get story keys to open more quests and earn greater rewards. Guild commission rewards go up higher than your world level. Setting the characters, don’t use on dispatch can give you some good mats over time and are still usable for clearing the abyss.

  • Resin Spending

Resin is very vital when it comes down to the most things you can do in a day. Spending your rechargeable resin is best prioritized over character and weapon level ascensions to catch up with the world level. The rate difference from every level is huge so always pick the last mode available and with Co-op, clearing shouldn’t require high-end sets.

  • Treasure Chest Hunt

Common chests reset almost as if daily, so choosing certain methods to explore for 3- mins would give you sigils and everything for upgrades. You might want to go following some type of chest routes and save time figuring them out yourself.

  • Despawning Bosses

Non-resin bosses have their take from Mora, Artifacts, and other mats used for crafting.

The daily respawn limit is dependent upon how many areas that specific boss appears on the map. There’s also a good chance the boss might be securing exquisite or higher chests so you’re getting the best of 2.

  • Mining Ores

Mining for ores gives you quite all the weapon-enhancing mats you would need later on.

You can pin down the places with the most ores and mine them so you never run out of mats.


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