Top 5 Glider Invisible Trick In Free Fire

This guide will tell you about the top 4 invisible tricks in Free Fire.

  • There are electric lines on the lower side of the peak. You will need to enter a house and jump on the electric lines from the roof.

Strike the jump button twice to open up the glider and go to the tower. You can target the enemies and this will also push your rank up.

  • Use the glider again and go towards the yellow beam. Jump onto the bug house just next to the beam. Your rank will be pushed even when you are up in the air.

  • Now you will need to go to the factory using the glider. You can easily target your enemies and this will push your rank up.

  • For the next location, you will need to jump on the electric tower first and then use your glider to reach the top of the clock tower. This is one of the best places to survive or attack the enemies.

  • The next location is at the top of the factory. Jump from a rock and then use your glider to reach the top of the factory.

Land on the big drums on the roof. This is a very unique spot, no enemy will be able to see you and you can easily kill the enemies on the ground and roof.

  • After that, go to a big house in the graveyard and move to the top. Use two small glue walls as shown in the image and leave all your weapons.

And then you have to start punching in the upward direction. After a while, you will find yourself up in the sky.


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