Top 5 Landing Locations In Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

Go through this guide and find which are the top 5 landing locations in Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game.

5) Aerial Platform:

This location is the last on the list and you can easily land on a creature with weapons and a lot of weapons. You can find an epic amount of loot, armors, choppers, vending machines and other legendary attachments in this map.

4) Black Market:

You can land on top because there is always a weapons crate there. This building has five to six levels and is full of loot. There is an important room in this building. Go there if you want to escape fast. You can choose any land vehicle from there.

There will be an ammo vending machine, healing and weapons crates there as well and a helicopter.

3) Countdown:

Equip everything in view as lots of weapons and other stuff will be there. Lot of people land here so you have a good chance, do leave with some kills. There are also lots of buildings which can give you advantage over enemies. This location has 4 choppers. There will be two crates of health, weapon crates and choppers on this map.

2) Nuclear Plant:

There are a lot of buildings in this place and lots of crates as well including weapon and healing crates. The thing that makes this place cool, you have class updates near it. Lots of players land here, so it’s a good place to get some kills. There are two choppers. Look for enemies around you. Stair up the tower as it is a good way to see enemies and escape a fight.

1) Dock:

The best location to land on is Dock. Go to a spot when you have no platform. Most stuffed place and very good place for some kills. This is the perfect location for a successful start.

Lots of obstacles. You can leave on wheels. Have choppers.perfect place for siping. It is very close to another good spot. This spot has healing and weapon crates, choppers and boats.

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