Top 5 Most Useful Heroes in Knights Chronicle

This guide will provide you with the top five most useful heroes for beginners in Knights Chronicle. 

5) Ramu 

Ramu is very good at healing your team passively; she is very good at clearing bosses and early PVP battles. Importantly, she also revives teammates, which is very useful.   

4) Rue 

Don’t be deceived by her loli looks, but this hero is handy in early game playing. She is also excellent support on early PVP content, and she heals with her second skill and removes all abnormal statuses. 

3) Amon

Amon is an excellent and handsome tank and powerful in early games; he is a handy tank. He will evade attacks, taunt enemies and use his passive resolve on 0 hp teammates. 

2) Electra 

The hot and gorgeous Electra at number 2 is a highly recommended hero only in the early game because she has a mighty awakening. 

She taunts, defends and protects your team to the maximum capacity. 

1) Morrigan  

Last and final, the most useful hero for beginners is Morrigan. 

She is a handy hero because she also has the most OP awakening on KC. She is a very highly recommended attacker for beginners. 

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