Top 5 Mudrunner Mods That Are Missing in Snowrunner

This guide will provide you with the details of top 5 Mud Runner mods that are missing in Snowrunner. 

Table of Contents


    Vehicle Carrier

    Door Window


    Log Cart

    It comes with a vehicle carrier but it’s absent from snow runner. You can open or close the door window. And can also see the engine. It has a foldable log cart.

    Amphibious Scouts

    UAZ Trekol:

    It’s what khan Mashall should be, who needs bridges now.

    Niva Marsh:

    This one is weird in water, but it’s the fastest swimmer.

    Yamal 4×4:

    Wish, these were there in Showrunner. I5 can rescue a drowned truck.

    Power Trailer Trucks

    Zil 137 MRE

    Trailer is part of the truck’s body. These wheels also have powers, and there is more space for frame addons.

    Ural 10×10

    The normal trailers are attachable; it means that they can carry more.

    Kamaz 10×10

    They have unique and useful frame addons.


    It’s a vehicle carrier ferry and E-7429 is one of the biggest trucks.

    Next up is the K-9000 forwarder, these mods need a water map. It’s very slow but it’s working. It has wheels underneath.

    There’s one more similar mod.


    This one is kinda unstable, you can’t turn it, and can’t stay in place. However, the crafts can go on land too.

    E-7310: King of mudrunner

    Next is the D537 truck, it’s still very unstable, but it can still do the job. These mods are a good concept.

    Honorable Mention

    Suzuki LJ80 Pack.

    This one is a hardtop model.

    They have openable hood & doors, and a very detailed engine. RHD car but lefty driver.

    It is the most detailed mod and has a different sound.

    Wish, they were in Snowrunner.

    Caterpillar Mods

    Firstly, let’s see if there is a problem with the tracks.

    Ural 5920

    Just for example.

    The Tracks can come off easily and the trees are mostly problematic.

    Now let’s move back to the topic

    UAZ 3141


    These are stable tracked mods, and very hard to break tracks. Even if track came off

    It recovers most of the time, tracks were never this good before.



    This mod also has claws, you can try to lift a useless car.

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