Top 5 Mythical Legendary Dragons In Dragon City

This brief guide will tell you about the top five mythical legendary dragons in the Dragon City game. Mythical legendary dragon is a little bit stronger than the legendary rarity.

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Top 5 Mythical Legendary Dragons In Dragon City
Top 5 Mythical Legendary Dragons In Dragon City

5 Wishing star dragon

The Wishing star dragon is one of the mythical dragons that have no mythic sign on its body. The dragon is so strong because of its 7550 total damage amount. The weakness of the Wishing star dragon is primal, and strengths are legend, primal, electric, dark, nature, war. Currently, he is rank 10 in the best category of ten dragons in dragon city.

4 Impervious diamond dragon

Impervious diamond dragon has a wind, legend, and pure elements, which helps him in arenas. This dragon has little strength, but it has 8000 total damage. This dragon is ranked six best category ten dragons and ranked 35 best legendary. The impervious diamond dragon’s weakness is primal, while the strength is legend, nature, war, primal, wind.

3 Big heart dragon

The number 3 in the list is Big heart dragon with a solid element arrangement. This dragon has a nasty look, but she is ranging a total of 8250 damage amount. She is ranked 54 best dragons with rank five at category 10. The weakness of Big heart dragon is pure while the strength is primal, legend, nature, ice, electric, dark.

2 Onigiri dragon

The second-best legendary dragon is the Onigiri dragon that has a natural element on defense. Onigiri is very easy to get at the previous event in 2019. He has 8300 total damage, currently at seven best legendary with rank four at category 10. The weakness of the Onigiri dragon is flame and ice, while the strength is sea, light, primal, flame, war, legend.

1 Durian dragon

The best mythical dragon is the Durian dragon because of its elements and damage amount. He is very strong legendary because of his 8450 total damage amount. He ranks two best category ten dragons; he is behind pure titan, which is rank 1. Also ranked three at the best legendary dragon in dragon city, you are lucky if you have this. Durian Dragon Weakness is pure, and the strength is primal, legend, sea, light, electric, dark.

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