Top 5 Mythical Towers – Ultimate Tower Defense | Roblox

This brief guide will let you know about the top five mythical towers in Ultimate Tower Defence Roblox.

These top towers are suitable for both infinite and classic modes.

#5 Megumin

Megumin is at fifth place because she lacks cooldown when it comes compared to other towers. Megumin is perfect in that she has a max 19 range also; her initial range is 15, which is better than zero two.

Her DMG max is 3849 also; her initial DMG is 421, with 15 initial range for 421 DMG is simply incredible. But unfortunately, you can place three towers, so it is a minus point. Other than cooldown, she deserves the top five roles. The total money spent is 8100.

#4 Shazam

You cannot keep shazam out of the squad; he is economical with 5700 and a perfect tower to place in the beginning stages. His initial range is 15 with a 1.2 cooldown is a pretty good start-up tower. A fantastic max range of 25 with 0.4 cooldowns for 647 DMG gets you cannot get better than this.

As you can see, the plus point here is a 0.4 cooldown for the 25 range. It is one of the plus points because of which shazam is the head of Megumi. Total money spent -5700.

#3 Superman

Superman might be expensive, but he is an op tower.

He is so special because of his 0.2 cooldowns, both in initial and max stages. 0.2 cooldown for max 1011 DMG is what makes him better than Megumin and shazam. When Megumin is dealing 3849 DMG in 2.25 cooldown, superman can deal X10 times his max damage.

That’s roughly 10k DMG in Megumin cooldown 1011*10 times. Total money spent – 9300.

#2 Zerotwo

Even though you can palace her thrice, Zerotwo is one of the top towers. What makes her incredibly special is her 0.25 cooldown for the 22 range.

Even superman deals 12 range for his 0.2 cooldowns, so that’s the most significant plus point. And she wins over Shazam too, because shazam, for his 0.4 cooldowns, deals 647 DMG but 25 range.

But on the other hand, Zero two is better in cooldown plus damage. Total money spent -7300

#1 Mysterio

Mysterio ranked #1 for many reasons. He is one of the most economical towers like Shazam, the best starting tower you always needed in any mode. His self-improvement is always a plus point. He is saving cash and dealing with crucial DMG at the right time.

Also, he has a good max range of 13 for 2504 DMG. His cooldown 1.3 is always decent.

He is ahead of all others because he is economical, the best start-up tower, and a very decent tower. His stats are balanced DMG, cooldown, and range. I have not included Zoro because his DMG is limited to 8 and is not best when comparing it with these five towers. And he is suitable only for classic modes. The total money spent is3075.

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