This guide will let you know which are the top 5 operator skills (class) in Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game.

5) Defender:

Defender is the most fun skill to use. The passive of Defender reduces damage except gunfire by 25% and the active places a shield in front of the enemy that blinds the enemy. You can upgrade the skill to get two shields one after another.

4) Ninja:

Ninja is very good for travelling short distances fast and perfect for surprising your enemy. The active of the Ninja is basically a hook you can hang on to and the passive don’t show your steps on radar. The upgrade gives you three hooks instead of two.

3) Mechanic:

Mechanic releases the drone to find the location of enemies for you. It goes to the enemy and interferes with them. The active of the Mechanic calls a drone that does continuous interference to the enemies and the passive makes Vehicles, Hostile Traps And Equipment Visible Within 80m. An Upgraded drone gives you several seconds to follow up the enemy.

2) Trickster:

The passive of Trickster shows enemies footsteps on the radar with a wider range and the active brings two decoys and a speed boost. Very easy to see enemy steps, have a look on a mini map. This gives you a great advantage over enemies. More speed and decoys last longer when upgraded.

1) Scout:

Scout is the perfect skill class, basically shooting a dart and killing the enemies. The active of the Scout shoots a dart so you can see anyone around you easily and the passive lets you see the footsteps of enemies for several seconds. When upgraded you can easily see enemies with a wider range and for longer time

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