Top 5 Secret/Hidden Places In Free Fire

This guide will tell you about top 5 secret or hidden places in the Free Fire game.

  • For the first hidden place, you will need to make your way to the flyover in the bermuda map and jump on the sidewall of the flyover.


Run straight and you will find a shade on the side of the wall. Lay down and drop yourself in the shade. This is a very good location to hide.

  • The second secret place is located in the tower. Go to the tower and shoot the drum at the top.

After that, move up on the tower and make a glue wall near the drum. Then move a little backward, jump on the drum and then jump on the upper floor. This is a very cool hidden location and you can also target the enemies from the top.

  • The third secret place is located in Kota Tua. There are some houses down the hill, enter into the first one and you will find a wooden rack on the ground. You can lay down into it and no enemy will be able to catch you there.

  • The next secret location can be found in Bimasakti. Make your way to the dam and lay down on a rock.

Turn off your internet connection and start running straight, ask your friend to watch out for the enemies.

It will send you back under the dam where you were laying down. This is a permanent cover, no nemey will be able to hit you.

  • The fifth secret place is located in Mars electric. Move up on the mars electric and use two glue walls to jump up.

Jump up to the top and lay down. This is a great place for your survival and it also pushes the rank up.


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