Top 5 Tips And Tricks – Knights Chronicle

This brief guide will provide you with five tips and tricks that might help you as a player in Knights Chronicle.   

Tip #5 You don’t have to farm Rune Dun if it isn’t a double drop event. 

The runes have a low chance of dropping, but they will also drop only small numbers of runes. You can also save stamina if you only farm on double drop events. It is only a tip. It’s up to you anyway.

Tip #4 The lower your rank in the arena, the easier your life will be. 

If you only want that Garnet farm, this tip will help you. Since the lower your rank in the arena, the weaker the other players’ heroes are. It’s a win-win scenario; you will not get to the top 100 anyway. 

Tip #3 You must buy stamina pots using Garnet.

Not like before, you can now farm this thing; you can now farm it on multi dun and arena. Compared to buying a stamina pot using crystals, Garnet is better. 

Tip #2 You can add an OP friend with the awakening hero as a leader. 

This tip is very helpful for newbies on clearing very hard advent bosses. 

Tip #1 You don’t have to burn yourself 

It’s only a game, have fun and enjoy it.

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