Top 5 Tricks & Tips For Search & Destroy | COD Mobile

In this brief guide you will get to know about top 5 tips and tricks for search and destroy in Call of Duty Mobile.

  • Hide from Snipers:

It is very important to survive in search & destroy and to survive, you will need to beware of snipers to counter them. There are some tips for you.

1st tip is to smoke whenever you go to that side, through this you can avoid snipers.

Second tip is to find an alternative spot to reach there. This way you can save smoke for other uses.

  • No Defuse Message:

After planting the bomb, the enemy comes to defuse it but you will not get notified if the enemy is defusing so it is better to defend the bomb by having a clear look at it.

  • Strategic Spot:

You should camp at a strategic point, where you could predict the enemy’s coming and kill them.

  • Using Smoke:

Sometimes in a hurry, you don’t use smoke while planting/ defusing bombs which make you vulnerable to the enemy. So it is always a good option to use smoke at these times.

  • Trophy System:

Trophy system is useful. Here, when the enemy uses smoke to plant the bomb, it will trigger the Trophy system and will indirectly notify you that the enemy has arrived to plant the bomb.


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