Top 50 Build Ideas in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 50 different building ideas that you can try in your Minecraft world. Go through the guide, and implement all those ideas in your game. 

Table of Contents

    Add Shelves

    You can add shelves in your big house and add display text on the shelf. It will help you to figure out what you have placed on this shelf. 

    Armor room

    You can set an armor room in your house to display all the armor sets you have. 

    Small farm

    You may have many farms in Minecraft, but you can build a small farm with all your favorite crops, as shown in the image below. 

    Sunflower Patch

    If there is any empty land good for nothing, you can build a sunflower patch there.

    Fishing Dock

    You can build a fishing dock near the lake and build a house near it to stock all your fish there.

    Giant Mine

    You can build a giant mine anywhere in your world. It will help you to mine your favorite ores easily. Decorate it with different blocks to make it look realistic. 

    Dates on Builds

    You can add dates and ages on your builds in the world. It will help if you have a world for a long time. 


    If you have many books in your world, you can set your library to store those books properly. 


    You can build a sewerage system under your house, and you may break a wall in the sewerage that can lead you to Nether. 

    Giant Vault 

     If you want to store the ores in the open, you can build a giant vault room for that. You can add a passcode to it so that no one won’t come in there. 

    Red Fireplace

    If you have a fireplace in your house, you can add a red nether brick wall at the backside of the fireplace. So it looks like the wall is glowing red because of the fire. 

    Power Facilities

    You can add power facilities to any buildings, but you will need some power source for that. 


    You can build a windmill at a distance from your house. 


    If there is no fossil in your world, there’s no need to worry because you can build your own. 

    Palm Trees

    You can build palm trees in your world and use cocoa as coconut. 

    Tree Line

    Add a tree line in your game that will help you divide two different parts of the world. 

    Tool Room

    Minecraft is all about creating new tools, so you can set a tool room to craft new tools or upgrade the older ones. 

    Grandfather Clock

    You can build a grandfather clock near the wall. It looks like an old but classic addition to your house. 

    Pickle and Cake

    If you feel hungry at midnight, you can add a pickle and cake to eat in the middle of the night.

    Trophy Room

    To save all your achievements and valuables, you can set a trophy room in your house. 

    Pathway Map

    You can add a big map to the pathway and decorate it with different plants and blocks. 


    You are the leader of your world so that you can build a beautiful office for yourself. 


    If there’s a traitor in your world, you can invite him into your house and set a trap near the door. He will drop into it and go down to the dungeon lockup. 

    Wine Cellar

    You can make your wine cellar look dark and horrible. It will be exciting to come down here.  


    You can add a campfire under the cauldron in the kitchen to look like something is cooking for you. Also, put the meat out there to make it more realistic. 


    You can build a massive ship in your world that can sail over the seas. 

    Dead Tree

    There are many living trees in the world, but you can also build a giant dead tree. 

    Mining Door

    You can build a mining door at the entrance of the mining spot and label that door as well. 


    If you are feeling bored, you can build a trail in your world and enjoy hiking. Choose any spot to build and then enjoy yourself. 

    Pets Graveyard

    There are lots of pets in the game, and they die one day. You can make a graveyard for them and label the graves with their names and dates. 

    TNT Mining

    You can try mining with TNT; just place a TNT in a small space opening in the mining spot. It will explode, and you can collect all the ores you want. 

    Tomato Farm 

    The rose bushes look like tomato plants, so you can use them to set a tomato farm in your world, as shown in the image below. 


    You can put a wagon near your high-traveled road. It will add a little life to your world. Place some barrels and chest boxes in it to store different items.


    You can make a robot in a high-tech building, as you can see in the image below. 

    Ventilation Units

    In the high-tech building, you can use polished andesite to make ventilation units. It will help the air to flow around the building. 

    Circle Building

    You can make a giant building with a circular glass roof, as shown in the image below. 

    Training Course

    If you want to improve your different skills and abilities, you can build a training course in the Minecraft world. 


    You can build a castle in your world and put some holes in between the castle walls to make it more realistic. It will look like the door is damaged because of cannons fired at it. 

    Target Blocks

    You can place three target blocks in the ground and shoot them with your bow. It will help to improve the skills. You can also use glazed terracotta as a target block. 

    Automatic Doorbell

    You can add an automatic doorbell with the help of a pressure plate. So if someone enters the house, you will be able to know that with the help of an automatic bell. 


    If there is something that you cannot access, you can put it in your attic, as shown in the image below. 

    Giant Map Wall

    If you are playing in the same world for a while, you must make a giant map wall and make more than one instead. 

    Secret Entrance

    You have to build some secret entrances that can immediately lead you to your base. 


    You can also make a freezer room and fill it with ice. Hang red glazed terracotta in there and add red stone dust on the ground; it will make it look more realistic, as you can see in the image below. 

    Cobble Dump

    If the cobble and dirt become annoying, you can make a cobble dump to store all the cobble in it. And also, make a chopper system that will send the cobble straight into the sewerage. 


    You can place a campfire just outside of your house. Place a cauldron at the top and some slabs on either side, as shown in the image below. 


    You can make a giant treehouse in your world, and it will look amazing, as you can see in the image below. 


    If you love riding horses in Minecraft, you can build a huge stable for them. You can store all your horses there. 


    You can use the following design to build a wagon and add some hay and melon blocks. 

    Block Swapper

    You can put a crafting table on the floor of your house. Swap it, and it will be a chest box on the other side, as you can see in the image below. 

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