Top 6 Best Guns In Short Range In Garena Free Fire

This guide will let you know the top 6 guns for short-range in Garena Free Fire.

6. MAG-7 and Double Vector:

Double Vector was one of the best weapons, but its damage output decreased after the update. MAG-7 is a very damaging gun, but its accuracy is lower. It recoils a lot; you will need tons of practice to handle this gun.

5. Thompson:

The drag level of Thompson is just amazing; you have to drag a little and aim at the head for the headshot. It helps to kill the enemies in a big number, but Thompson recoils in very short range.

4. M1014:

M1014 is a very damaging game, but M1887 took over this gun. It deals a lot of damage, but you have to be in close range to use this gun, and it also recoils a lot. These are the disadvantages of M1014.

3. MP40:

MP40 has low damage and range without skin, but the damage and range increase when you use this gun. You have to get in mid-range to strike the head of the enemies with MP40.

2. MP5:

MP5 is very overpowered, and it is the best gun to play in different tournaments. MP5 is coming with a booster now, and it becomes MP5x. It deals a massive amount of damage to the opponents, and the range is also outstanding.

1. M1887:

M1887 is a shotgun that fires ten bullets in one go, which is massive. Each of the bullets deals 170 damage; that’s the highest in the entire game. You can strike enemies’ heads with a drag and one tap shot.

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