TOP 7 SECRETS in Roblox Funky Friday !

This guide will tell you about the top 7 secrets in Funky Friday.

  • Among Us:

If you walk towards the back right corner of the map. You will find Among Us hiding behind a fenced-off area holding a knife; that area will be glowing red. It is a hidden model of a red imposter.

  • Cat Signs:

You will find some car signs or boards on the map. There are two near the railway tracks, and one is on the back side of the map. Every cat sign displays different text.

  • Reimu Hakurei:

Make your way straight to the back of the map, and you will find a picture of a doll on the wall. That’s Reimu Hakurei; she is one of the main characters from the Tahoe Project series.

  • Cirno:

You have to head towards the left of the map, right past the station, and you will find a doll on the wall with a blue dress. Cirno is the Tahoe Project series character and is also known as Ice Fairy.

  • Java Signs:

You will find some Java Signs just next to the skyscrapers around the map. These signs are a kind of hidden watermark feature in the game.

  • Vending Machines:

There are some vending machines around the map, and you can find one and enjoy the drink.

  • Whitty and the Cheese:

There’s a huge cheese block on the skyscraper. And one at the top of the shop next to the vending machine.

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