TOP 8 Best Brawlers for Bust Camping in Brawl Stars

Shelly is the best brawler for bush camping, we have included a total of 8 brawlers in the list.

#8 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Nani!

She has so much quick damage, fast auto-aim reaction speed, insane long range and a super that can be insane close range defence, she can kill anyone easily with 2-3 shots.

Maximise your kill rate! Get always as close as you can! This is weird since she is not much hot but her fire speed is so quick and will literally almost kill everyone! If KIT uses gadgets with super!

Nani can easily wait in a bush and always get a high position in a solo showdown, she is easy to play, easy to aim and has instantly quick damage so a very good choice if you want to try this strategy!

#7 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Darryl!

He automatically charges up his super which is extremely effective for a bush camper, you can get kills when no one expects it! Darryl gets underestimated a lot!

If you play it safe and want consistent trophies then it is important to wait always for the perfect moment and then go for the kill, react quickly, don’t show your self only when you are going to kill!

Not risky and easy trophies = don’t take unnecessary risks! Go for the kill when the opportunity is there instead of trying something which you are not sure about if it will deliver in a kill!

#6 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Frank!

He has such a game changing super! An easy strong mid range attack which will always result in unexpected kills. Frank is easy to bush camp and win with!

Wait for your moment and attack, try to get your super before you start to bush camp with Frank, this will make everything so much easier and better for you in all the situations that can happen!

#5 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Leon!

He is so quick in dealing damage, has an insane gadget that can distract enemies, defend you from potential damage so you can get an easy super!

Bush camp and wait until you see the potential to get a kill! Always use your supers when you are in a bush! Cycle between bushes to get kills and keep the surprising effect!

#4 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Mortis!

He has the ability to run away from each situation and just chill all game long, you don’t even need powercubes to win games while u bush camp with mortis!

Control your area, and always play safe! Go for the kill when you are sure that you can deal enough damage with your super and gadget in combination! Know who you fight and wait for the moment!

#3 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Jacky!

The most easy brawler to play in brawl stars. All you can do is auto-aim so easy to bush camp. She Can kill almost everyone if she just waits, + she has a lot of health!

Also jacky has a very OP gadget that gives her a mobility boost, which is extremely useful in all situations, to kill, to defend or just run away & jacky doesn’t need powercubes. She can survive easily!

#2 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Bull!

He is so extremely tank and strong to play. He is also the only effective counter to a shelly close range! Don’t show where you are waiting till your enemy does that.

Bull is easy to bush camp with, he can deal so much damage, tank alot and take anyone out who enters your area of bushes, just hunt for those who show where they are! That’s how u play him!

#1 Best Brawler For Bush Camping Is Shelly By Far!

Her super is the best super in the game close range! So insanely strong! And quickly re charged, that if she just waits for the right moment = easy trophies!

Use your gadgets to instantly close and maximise the quick kills without danger! Don’t use your shelly gadget to run away since that would be a waste! Just wait for the moment and kill!

Special Mention #1 Spike!

Spike has so much quick damage potential which is great for bush campers, easy to destroy your enemies when they do not expect it, be quickly since you have not that much HP!

If you play spike bush campers style, situations depending, then you always want to get as close as you can for quick kills, the more hp they have the better! Activate your gadget to kill stronger enemies!

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