Top Android Games to Tryout in December 2021

Many android games are released every month on the Google play store, covering all genres like action, adventure, fighting, and more. We have listed down the best games released in December 2021. You can download any of them according to your liking and have a go.

Game Name Platform Link
Chimp PlayStore
Frustrated Bird PlayStore
Combo Queen (Early Access) PlayStore
Candy Trip -Pigeon Girl PlayStore
Battle Master PlayStore
FPS Army Commando Mission (Early Access) PlayStore
Commando Wars: Arcade Game PlayStore
Silly PlayStore
Idle Space Farm PlayStore
Bomb football PlayStore
Diamond Snake VS Block PlayStore
Killer Queen : The Young Gun PlayStore
Intensity PlayStore
Catch Burn Earn – Shiba Inu PlayStore
Cannon Coaster PlayStore
Magic 8 Ball PlayStore
Dice Merge PlayStore
Squid Jump PlayStore
Jewel Of Samudra PlayStore


Some bad creatures have stolen Chimp’s girlfriend. Where is she? Will he see her again? Help this little chimp overcome all the obstacles and hurdles thrown his way so that love once again prevails.

Frustrated Bird

Frustrated Bird is a very frustrating game! Every time when you play the Frustrated Bird game, then you will be more frustrated. But the game is very interesting, there are many floors in this game.

Combo Queen (Early Access)

Combo Queen punches and kicks the enemies and makes her steel gloves more powerful with blue potions.

Candy Trip -Pigeon Girl

One day, candies from all over the world were stolen by a fallen angel!

Battle Master

Massive Unit Battles – Build an army and watch it fight idle-style – Plenty of units and skins. Endless fun! Join Battle Master, you will become the most powerful commander, lead your legion, and accept challenges at all levels!

FPS Army Commando Mission (Early Access)

TeeToo Games is launching an army first-person shooter game for you in which you compete with soldiers with sniper and other weapons. You will hold your own thrilling commando mission war action game.

Commando Wars: Arcade Game

Destroy all enemies with a commando shooting game! Power up the weapons and try to pass the levels. With endless levels, you will never get bored. also, the classic arcade game can be played without the internet.


Take control of a hungry insect, race through an endless adventure and do whatever it takes to survive and become the largest insect on the planet. This is what this endless runner game is all about. Silly Buggers is an addictive action game that uses the concept of the popular cell io game, Agar, and delivers an action-packed runner experience with much more challenges and fun.

Idle Space Farm

Come and play Idle space farm. Build a farm in space to repopulate the Earth of the future. Let space technology help you manage your farm and make it grow as you make amazing combinations to get different animals while feeding and caring for them.

Bomb football

Kick bombs to hit opponents. Don’t let yourself be kicked. Destroy all the opponents to win. Each win adds a player.

Diamond Snake VS Block

Snake vs Block is one of the best addictive games. Simple to play but challenging to master. The snake is made of beautiful diamond balls. A game made to have fun as well as to keep your brain active.

Killer Queen: The Young Gun

The Evil Villain attacked the Planet killing the KING and making everyone Hostage. Help the QUEEN win clear each level to make the VILLAIN weaker and eventually kill him.


In the year 2212, a new pandemic, baptized as “Black-Iris”, whipped our society in a cruel way causing some terrible and unimaginable consequences, since it submitted it into deep and devastating chaos.

Catch Burn Earn – Shiba Inu

We want to collaborate with the Shiba community, just like the playlist bigger entertainment or the Shiba Inu Coffee.

Cannon Coaster

This is a fantasy world. You (and your friend) are on a roller coaster ride. Shoot cannon balls during your ride to solve various block puzzles and open the gate to your next trip. Choose your own path and head for the most exciting experience! Upgrade your weapons, rescue special partners, and defeat the boss along your adventures.

Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball is a sphere, made to look like an eight ball, that is used for guessing or seeking advice. The user asks a yes to no question to the ball and then shakes it to reveal an answer in a window of the ball.

Dice Merge

This is a fascinating brain-boosting game, you need to match three or more adjacent dice with the same pips to merge them horizontally, vertically, or both. Drag and drop dice onto the puzzle board and try to make matching! Keep merging until you reach a higher score. You can get Boosters when you reach the score in-game level.

Squid Jump

It amazing Hyper Casual Game, Train your brain on this squid game. Memorize the pattern, and jump on the platforms to reach out the gate. Be careful not to fall across the glass bridge safely, Be Squid!

Jewel Of Samudra

Jewel of Samudra is a game that is well packaged with simple gameplay that can be played by various ages to fill spare time, has an attractive main character and a captivating visual design with the main premise behind this game. In addition, the various variations of mustika and cute items and boosters throughout the game will also spoil the player’s eyes when playing this game.

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