Top Android Games To Tryout in July 2021

Thousands of android games are released every month on Google Play Store. We have covered the best genres on android including epic puzzles, adventure, action games, and more. Most of the games are available for free on the Google play store and some are paid. Go through the list and find out the best games of your favorite genre.

Game Name Platform Price Link
Parking Full PlayStore Free
Fruit Match PlayStore Free
Memory Crowd PlayStore Free
Combo Push PlayStore Free
Digit Crush 2 PlayStore Free
Chess Puzzles PlayStore Free
Overworld – Mini RPG (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Aventuras del Valle. Rpg mz PlayStore Free
Make It More – Clicker Game PlayStore Free
NEONICS – intergalactic battle for survival PlayStore Free
Styx : isonomiā (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Hoppa Life PlayStore Free
Generation Overdrive PlayStore Free
Meow Mew Run Run PlayStore Free
Puzzlr PlayStore Free
Color-Code PlayStore Free
5 Balls Challenge PlayStore Free
Space Empires PlayStore Free
Sfinge Jackpot PlayStore Free
Bubble Shooter PlayStore Free
Thought Control AR PlayStore Free
4 Days Later: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game PlayStore Free
Flappy Frog PlayStore Free
Building Monopoly. Business board game free PlayStore Free
The Coin Flip Game PlayStore Free
Pizza Stacker PlayStore Free
Blockadead Evil: The Beginning PlayStore Free
Superhero Fighting Arena Battle Immortal Gods PlayStore Free
Viking Shields: Ragnarok PlayStore Free
Car Royale Online PlayStore Free
Balloon Race PlayStore Free
Lari Ada Wibu PlayStore Free

Parking Full

Add cars on the stack and fill up all the parking spots.

Fruit Match

Enjoy a simple game, collecting fruits during a beautiful journey, throughout multiple levels. It’s very simple: connect 3 or more fruits of the same type. You can connect them in all directions (even diagonally!).

Memory Crowd

Try to reach the finish by keeping the green platforms in your memory in the levels consisting of green and red platforms. Levels will get harder and harder and you will need to keep more platforms in your memory. Choosing green platforms will increase the number of people in the crowd.

Combo Push

Push, combine as squares, clean, and combo! Combo Push is an innovative Tetromino block match game. The key rule is to push the blocks and combine them to form a square.

Digit Crush 2

You play as a little robot that during 25 levels (so far) flies and lands on boxes that have numbers on them. When you land on a box its number is decreased and when it reaches zero it will fall and despair. Your job is to get rid of all the boxes to complete the level. It’s trickier than you might think!

Chess Puzzles

Chess puzzle game helps you improve your understanding of the position and helps improves your strategy.

Overworld – Mini RPG (Early Access)

A compact adventure game designed for easy use on any device! Explore rich tactical play in short 10-minute sessions. Enjoy the steady progress of unlocking an army of different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and style. The overworld is a classical roguelike with rules greatly condensed for accessibility and fun.

Aventuras del Valle. Rpg mz

The present game is set in the valley region, where you must explore dungeons and conquer the territory of monstrous beings with which you will have epic and unique battles.

Make It More – Clicker Game

Use collected points to upgrade boosts, themes, and levels.

NEONICS – intergalactic battle for survival

Neonics, the photonic entities from Hexium, have set up a base near your home base planet. They will devour all matter if left unchecked.

Styx: isonomiā (Early Access)

This is a thrilling adventure game that tells the story of the main character who got into an accident while sailing. The main character, who lost his memory in an accident, leaves to find out who he is. You will experience the various stories you will experience. Your choice will determine the ending of the main character.

Hoppa Life

Easy to learn just in seconds! Most enjoyable jumps!

Generation Overdrive

Welcome to New Phoenix! Enter a Dystopian Sci-Fi Fantasy World split in strife among factions fighting for ultimate power. Generation Overdrive is a real-time PVP brawler that puts players in control of 3 cybernetically enhanced fighters known as “drivers.” Build your squad from a diverse cast of unique characters and battle other players across mobile and PC to reign over the streets of New Phoenix.

Meow Mew Run Run

Run! Jump! Upgrade! How far can your Meow Mew run? Control the cute cat to run and run. I lose if you can run to the end.


A word search (also called word find, word seek, word sleuth, mystery word puzzle, WordSeek, WordFind, WonderWord, or “Sopas de Letras” – Spanish for “Soup of Letters”) is a word game that has a grid of letters with words hidden in different directions.


Guess the secret permutation of colors. Based on your guess, you will receive scores that will help you to discover the hidden code of colors.

5 Balls Challenge

Balls Challenge as the name suggests is a fun and very addictive game. It is a simple game that consists of 5 concentric circles and 5 steel balls. Each concentric circle has a hole in it. The goal of the game is to insert all 5 steel balls through these holes and put them inside the innermost circle. Rotate and tilt your phone to insert the balls through the holes of the circle.

Space Empires

Welcome to Space Empires !! The Universe as we see is in grave danger and big unrest is about to unfold. The world needs a new all-mighty ruler at the helm.

Sfinge Jackpot

The game is a simulation and does not provide for winnings and cash wagers.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter fun in Bubble. Relaxing family atmosphere and cheerful farm animals with no Wi-Fi. Dress up the chicks and decorate the room. We continuously add more puzzle levels to this addictive bubble shooter game.

Thought Control AR

Tired of your thoughts getting in the way? Can’t seem to push out a particular word or feeling that dominates your mind? Going through an intense experience that raises your anxiety level? Thought Control AR is here to help! Now you can throw away bad thoughts and watch them get completely destroyed. And you can throw good thoughts and watch them reflect right back to you where they belong. Taking control of your thoughts has never been so easy and so much fun!

4 Days Later: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game

A survival game where you kill zombies as long as possible and unlock endings. You wake up after 1 month of a coma. You forgot everything that happened. With bravery, you explore the unknown truth of what’s going on.

Flappy Frog

Avoid obstacles and see how far this frog can fly! 6 Different stages with 4 variations each. Extra games modes are’ random’ and ‘hard’ to unlock. Over 60 characters to collect. Compete on leaderboards and take snapshots of your newest high score to show off to friends!

Building Monopoly. Business board game free

Enjoy one of the most classic board games of history: Building Monopoly, available totally free now for Android devices. Since decades ago this has been one of the most played board games, you can play with family or friends, or against players around the world. You can play with 2 to 4 players, and now you can enjoy this classic game on mobile devices.

The Coin Flip Game

How many times can you correctly guess heads or tails? Play The Coin Flip Game and find out!

Pizza Stacker

A difficult game to stack pizza boxes, see how far you can come! This is a game for school and I had fun making and playing it, I hope you have too.

Blockadead Evil: The Beginning

12 hours ago two police officers and the medic went to the mansion on the outskirts of the city. They got calls from there, telling them that something strange is going on. Since then, no one heard from them.

Superhero Fighting Arena Battle Immortal Gods

Thunder King God of Fight is an amazing, fun, and addictive run game where you face the Wild Beasts & Monsters is Run Game Adventure where you have to dash, jump & run over obstacles, and Fight against Monsters, wild beats, Orcs, dragons & many others fantasy monsters.

Viking Shields: Ragnarok

Vikings game. Start with clan wars, protect your territory, travel and set out to conquer inhospitable places, and face the heroes of Norse mythology, the God of Thunder, Thor, or the powerful Lord of Asgard, Odin.

Car Royale Online

You can choose various vehicles from 3 different vehicle classes: Trucks, 4X4, and Turismo vehicles. There are 3 different maps where you can drive your vehicles. Integrated online multiplayer for you to spend hours having fun with your friends! be the last to survive and become the winner of the match!

Balloon Race

Race against opponents and reach the finish line to win. Holding balloons can get off the runway and land further afield. Use your ingenuity and take shortcuts with flying balloons. You can kick the opponent and take the balloons in their hands for yourself. More free play is waiting for you to explore. The dream of flying with a balloon comes true here!

Lari Ada Wibu

Lari ada wibu adalah game simulasi kalau kamu di kejar wibu dan tutorial kalau kamu ketemu wibu. Lari ada wibu ini merupakan game wibu offline hiburan kalau lagi stress. Kalau kamu tidak suka wibu, coba main game lari ada wibu ini biar tahu gimana menghindari wibu stress dan wibu bau bawang.

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