Top Android Games To Tryout in May 2021

Over one thousand games are released on a daily basis at Google Play store and mobile games are getting better in terms of quality with each day passing. Usually games with high marketing budgets perform well in the Play store and some cool games go under the radar, just because they don’t have a high marketing budget. That is why we have curated this list to target those games, these games will keep you busy for a long time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Sugar BeePlayStoreFree
Find Who? Hollywood Movies CelebritiesPlayStoreFree
Free Bitcoin CashPlayStoreFree
Fly High 3DPlayStoreFree
Escape From Space ShipPlayStoreFree
Kill KillPlayStoreFree
Tap the creaturePlayStoreFree
Pong’N CrashPlayStoreFree
JumbleStones – Free Word Game for Adults and TeensPlayStoreFree
Sci Fi Infinity Shooter: Fps Shooting OPS GamePlayStoreFree
Animal Town – Merge a Puppy-Build Towns-Earn MoneyPlayStoreFree
Fly! Cute Dragon! – Drawing puzzle casual game!PlayStoreFree
Chefbloggers: HunterPlayStoreFree
Crazy Pirate KaboomPlayStoreFree
Hearts – classic versionPlayStoreFree
Word and Letters – Find words and match 3PlayStoreFree
Ancient RidersPlayStoreFree
Candy Joy : Jelly BearPlayStoreFree
Car Parking Draw Master 3DPlayStoreFree
Mine ClickerPlayStoreFree
Free Italian Burraco – BurracOnePlayStoreFree
Towers and Elements DefensePlayStoreFree
Real Farm Tractor Game 2021 3DPlayStoreFree
Unbuild LightPlayStoreFree
CrazyRacers – Official ITsMagic Example ProjectPlayStoreFree
Alien DefendersPlayStoreFree


The BIGSTAKES5 game is a super-charged, offensive-based domino game. What makes BIGSTAKES5 different from the base domino game is the element of using CHIPS to not only keep score, but also to award players BIGSTAKES5 dollars for winning during game play. Keeping score by totaling the number of “five-point” CHIPS won and accumulated during each game eliminates the “uncertainty” of who scored points during a game and how many points were scored.

Sugar Bee

Fun game where by touching the screen you help the bee fly, managing to go through sweet doors, collecting honey drops, speed bumps, door enlargers and surprise prizes. Try to avoid speed boosters and door reducers so that you can get the bee through 100 sweet doors so that it can reach its honeycomb.

Find Who? Hollywood Movies Celebrities

It is one of the first of its Kind in android mobile games. In this game, a random puzzle is generated each time you press the button to play. The puzzle generated with 4 celebrities’ pictures, and 4 or 5 or 6 options with answers based on your selected choice.

Free Bitcoin Cash

With this app you can claim Bitcoin Cash for free every hour. You can get a big reward every hour by simply rolling and getting a prize. If you don’t like what you get it’s totally fine, you have multiple rolls per hour so you can roll again and keep your favourite one from prizes list.


Eat other “Spores” to grow in size and don’t get eaten by Poisonous Spores. Eat Green Spores to increase in size and gain Points. Get hit 5 times by Poisonous Spores to end your run.

Fly High 3D

Launch your avatar as far as you can by taping at the best time possible! Tap to glide through the air for additional distance! Upgrade your skills for better and higher performance.

Escape From Space Ship

You’re on a space mission to the newly discovered planet outside our solar system, Planet Stella! But oh no, all the doors are locked and you can’t get out! Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock the ways leading to new rooms and get your space suit back and explore the surface of Planet Stella.

Kill Kill

The app is a test version of an online game where your goal is to win an armed confrontation with an opponent, before starting you choose the hero you want to fight, the winner gets points, thus advancing in the player rankings.

Tap the creature

Help fill the planet with creatures. Each creature has its own peculiarity. The most amazing creatures, from small and cute to large and formidable.

Pong’N Crash

Unlike an ordinary pin game, this game has remaked graphics and 6 bonuses; Racket enlarger, Ball slowdown (It reaches great speeds after 9-10 bounces), racket slower, Protection against cannon attack with a wall right and changing the opponent’s direction of control

Sci Fi Infinity Shooter: Fps Shooting OPS Game

Feel the thrills of the fighting and killing in this FPS and become a real soldier! Tired of the genre? Get ready for some action with your favorite gun and join this shooting battle now. Have you already? Run, shoot, laugh, and respawn! You are not expendable you are respawning able shadow gun master.

Animal Town – Merge a Puppy-Build Towns-Earn Money

Start merging your puppies & pets to earn money and build your puppy town! Ever wanted to own your puppy? Here are all kinds of cute puppies. You can connect to merge and discover cuter ones. Come and collect them all! You can merge the cute puppies to form Special Puppies!

Fly! Cute Dragon! – Drawing puzzle casual game!

Help cute dragon achieving it’s goal. Over 100 puzzle to solve. Fun and amazing gameplay.

Chefbloggers: Hunter

You are a small flyer in a 2D world and you have to find the coins that are in the level. When you have collected a certain number of coins, a portal opens for the next level.

Crazy Pirate Kaboom

Ahoy pirate! Sink all ships and slay all creatures who come between you and your treasures as you sail the high seas! Arrr! Navigate your trusty ship between all incoming cannonballs and fire while staying clear of tentacles and flying ships. Upgrade your vessel with faster sails, bumpers, rams and of course a bigger, faster cannon to blast your filthy foes to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Hearts – classic version

Card game where you should avoid getting cards of hearts and the queen of spades or get all cards of hearts and the queen of spades to shoot the moon. The value of each card of hearts is one point and the queen of spades is thirteen points. The game finishes when one or more players reach the max score and the winner will be the player with less points.

Word and Letters – Find words and match 3

Multiple & various missions. Find words from themes. Get the required length. Remove the oil by using their letters. Spread the grass by making words. Free the butterflies by removing letters underneath.

Ancient Riders

Ancient Riders is a game where you will be able to challenge your friends and opponents around the world! Take the role of an Ancient Roman warrior and make a name for yourself!


Tame, Customize and Ride a Horse Freely in The World.

Candy Joy : Jelly Bear

Collect 3 or more sweet candies to overcome difficulties and enjoy hundreds of different and fun stages. Compete with your friends and see who can get the highest score.


PushNRun is a pleasing and colorful casual game. You decide when to push away all the enemies, just with one tap! Be careful, you can find yourself at the beginning of the map.

Car Parking Draw Master 3D

We all grew up playing car parking games and there is always room in our hearts for it, but this time we have something different for you, Let’s experience the most challenging and addictive parking game, where you have to park all different cars at the same time by drawing their road path.

Mine Clicker

The endless gameplay of Mine Clicker gives you the opportunity to play endlessly, or at least until the moment you get so much ore that your smartphone can no longer read them.

Free Italian Burraco – BurracOne

Play Burraco for FREE with no limits! Play without limits and totally free in Burraco with BurracOne, start playing exciting games in an instant.

Towers and Elements Defense

Create your own tactics and rise enemies in huge battles on pure elemental setting. In this tower defense game you have to build warriors and fire elements to defend your towers and pull enemy army back to their positions. Destroying Ice castles gives back freedom to your Fire brothers awarding your Leader and rising your skills.

Real Farm Tractor Game 2021 3D

The real tractor farm game offers you the best quality graphics and tasks, use the trailers that are more challenging than the other with the tractor you want. You can Modify your Tractors You can add horns, Lights, Front Bumper and Exhaust and you can use dozens of tasks and unique and different tractor models from each other.


Knife Game – an exciting flippy knife game, shoot the knives to win the huge reward and pass the level. Knife game provides the challenging game play of knife shooting and hitting. Trust yourself to refresh your best record.

Unbuild Light

Build turrets the other way around! Here you have 10 completed building block constructs. Can you take it brick by brick without anything falling to the ground? Which stone you can take away determined by chance!

CrazyRacers – Official ITsMagic Example Project

The official example project of ITsMagic Engine You can use this project to study how ITsMagic Engine works, undestand some complex scripts and others.

Alien Defenders

You have set up a stand alone defense line against the aggressive aliens from outer space. It’s up to a brave warrior like you to save the world from these evil aliens. Come on start the war!

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