Top Android Games To Tryout in May 2021

Over one thousand games are released on a daily basis at the Google Play store and mobile games are getting better in terms of quality with each day passing. Usually, games with high marketing budgets perform well in the Play store and some cool games go under the radar, just because they don’t have a high marketing budget. That is why we have curated this list to target those games, these games will keep you busy for a long time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Portes ParanoiaPlayStoreFree
Hoover Ball!PlayStoreFree
Find Who? Hollywood Movies CelebritiesPlayStoreFree
Free Bitcoin CashPlayStoreFree
Red Panda: Casual Slingshot & Animal Logic GamePlayStoreFree
Escape From Space ShipPlayStoreFree
Beaver WarsPlayStoreFree
Love LetterPlayStoreFree
JumbleStones – Free Word Game for Adults and TeensPlayStoreFree
Billionaire Quest 2PlayStoreFree
Fly! Cute Dragon! – Drawing puzzle casual game!PlayStoreFree
Space Sprinter: Endless RunnerPlayStoreFree
Crazy Pirate KaboomPlayStoreFree
Hearts – classic versionPlayStoreFree
Dragon Ritual VRPlayStoreFree
Ancient RidersPlayStoreFree
Wise King SolitairePlayStoreFree
Spell HeroPlayStoreFree
Mine ClickerPlayStoreFree
Free Italian Burraco – BurracOnePlayStoreFree
Towers and Elements DefensePlayStoreFree
Unbuild LightPlayStoreFree
Tic Tac ToePlayStoreFree
Tanks Warfare MobilePlayStoreFree

Portes Paranoia

Portes Paranoia is the most complete backgammon game in Android. It is currently is in alpha testing, so we ask for your understanding for any inaccuracies and imperfections.

Hoover Ball!

Tap & hold on the sides of the screen to hover a ball. Collect coins and challenge yourself on plenty of great levels!

Find Who? Hollywood Movies Celebrities

It is one of the first of its Kind in android mobile games. In this game, a random puzzle is generated each time you press the button to play. The puzzle generated with 4 celebrities’ pictures, and 4 or 5 or 6 options with answers based on your selected choice.

Free Bitcoin Cash

With this app you can claim Bitcoin Cash for free every hour. You can get a big reward every hour by simply rolling and getting a prize. If you don’t like what you get it’s totally fine, you have multiple rolls per hour so you can roll again and keep your favourite one from prizes list.


Eat other “Spores” to grow in size and don’t get eaten by Poisonous Spores. Eat Green Spores to increase in size and gain Points. Get hit 5 times by Poisonous Spores to end your run.

Red Panda: Casual Slingshot & Animal Logic Game

Hurry up! The hungry red panda is starving! Feed him fruit and vegetables (e.g. a watermelon)! But it will not be that easy! Exciting hurdles and tricky obstacles await you in funny puzzle adventure worlds and your logic, skill, and patience are needed! A free and funny slingshot and panda game for every occasion – requires no internet or wifi

Escape From Space Ship

You’re on a space mission to the newly discovered planet outside our solar system, Planet Stella! But oh no, all the doors are locked and you can’t get out! Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock the ways leading to new rooms and get your space suit back and explore the surface of Planet Stella.


Try to clear your deck as fast as possible, who ever clears it first wins the game. A game takes around 5 minutes! Play against a computer or against friends and family. Try to get the highest ranking in the online leader board by playing against the CPU.

Beaver Wars

A long time ago in an unknown land the three biggest beaver clans were living happily alongside each other. There was plenty of wood for each clan to build enormous dams. However, this all changed when all the trees died through the biggest natural catastrophe ever recorded, also known as the great eruption. The eruption of Mount Bjòr was so tremendous that it put a big cloud of ash and smoke over the beaver land. As a result, all trees died.

Love Letter

Each player aims to deliver a love letter to the princess with the assistance of collaborators. First, one card is dealt to each person, and one is discarded face-down from the round (so the process of elimination cannot be used to prove which cards are left) and the rest are deposited face-down into a deck in the middle.

Billionaire Quest 2

Roll the dices and progress through the map. When you land on a space, something may happen or you may be able to buy a Property. Buy lots of Properties, raise your rank through Investments, and collect Rent from your opponents! Your goal is to have the most Assets and to Bankrupt your opponents.


Find Hidden Objects! Solve puzzles, Escape the House! Of course, do not get caught by the sister while doing these!

Fly! Cute Dragon! – Drawing puzzle casual game!

Help cute dragon achieving it’s goal. Over 100 puzzle to solve. Fun and amazing gameplay.

Space Sprinter: Endless Runner

This HIGHLY addicting endless runner puts your reflexes to the ultimate test. With every step, your speed increases, and your reflexes better be able to keep up with the constant barrage of obstacles coming straight at you.

Crazy Pirate Kaboom

Ahoy pirate! Sink all ships and slay all creatures who come between you and your treasures as you sail the high seas! Arrr! Navigate your trusty ship between all incoming cannonballs and fire while staying clear of tentacles and flying ships. Upgrade your vessel with faster sails, bumpers, rams and of course a bigger, faster cannon to blast your filthy foes to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Hearts – classic version

Card game where you should avoid getting cards of hearts and the queen of spades or get all cards of hearts and the queen of spades to shoot the moon. The value of each card of hearts is one point and the queen of spades is thirteen points. The game finishes when one or more players reach the max score and the winner will be the player with less points.

Dragon Ritual VR

To play the story mode in VR you need a smartphone with gyroscope and a controller with at least 4 buttons, you can also play the story mode the traditional way with controller or touch controls.

Ancient Riders

Ancient Riders is a game where you will be able to challenge your friends and opponents around the world! Take the role of an Ancient Roman warrior and make a name for yourself!


Tame, Customize and Ride a Horse Freely in The World.

Wise King Solitaire

The king has dead and a new king will be elected. Prove to other nobles your intelligence and that you are a wise king with a solo noble.


PushNRun is a pleasing and colorful casual game. You decide when to push away all the enemies, just with one tap! Be careful, you can find yourself at the beginning of the map.

Spell Hero

Control the elements to solve problems and be a hero!

Mine Clicker

The endless gameplay of Mine Clicker gives you the opportunity to play endlessly, or at least until the moment you get so much ore that your smartphone can no longer read them.

Free Italian Burraco – BurracOne

Play Burraco for FREE with no limits! Play without limits and totally free in Burraco with BurracOne, start playing exciting games in an instant.

Towers and Elements Defense

Create your own tactics and rise enemies in huge battles on pure elemental setting. In this tower defense game you have to build warriors and fire elements to defend your towers and pull enemy army back to their positions. Destroying Ice castles gives back freedom to your Fire brothers awarding your Leader and rising your skills.

Rotten Zombie Road

A variety of vehicles. With subsequent updates, you will receive 40 cars, 10 types of weapons, 5 types of zombies. The soundtrack was recorded live by the developers of the game. Most of the models for the game were obtained using photogrammetry. Play Rotten Zombie Road and have fun with the game.


Knife Game – an exciting flippy knife game, shoot the knives to win the huge reward and pass the level. Knife game provides the challenging game play of knife shooting and hitting. Trust yourself to refresh your best record.

Unbuild Light

Build turrets the other way around! Here you have 10 completed building block constructs. Can you take it brick by brick without anything falling to the ground? Which stone you can take away determined by chance!

Tic Tac Toe

This Tic Tac Toe game has two options: multiplayer and single player. The multiplayer version displays the winner, each player’s turn in real-time, and includes a chat. Games are much more fun when played together.

Tanks Warfare Mobile

This game is a cut-down version of Tanks Warfare 2 and has 100 levels of action-packed explosions and tanks being blown up!

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